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Best Mobile App Development Programming Languages in 2023


App developers are in high demand as the need for mobile apps rises by the day. People with Android and iOS app development abilities are in high demand, as both large and small businesses hire app developers from mobile app development company in India, to design their mobile apps. While numerous programming languages exist, not all of them are well-suited for app development. This is why it is critical to understand your options and select the best programming language that will not only help you create apps for Android and iOS but will also help you become a more all-around app developer. Let us find out!


Best Front-End Coding Languages for App Development

The front-end language you select will have a significant influence on the user experience and performance of your app. Each front-end language in software development has a distinct benefit. I've listed them according to the platform they're using.


Best Programming Languages for Android App Development

Java and Kotlin are the most common programming languages for creating an Android chat app. These languages are used in the SDKs, emulators, and debuggers included in the development toolkit. These languages are used in the SDKs, emulators, and debuggers included in the development toolkit.

These languages are also supported by Android's Gradle build system, which lets developers use a Gradle package directive to include third-party libraries in their apps. This guarantees a high level of interoperability between Java and Kotlin and third-party components, simplifying the creation of programs with plug-and-play capabilities. Let's check more closely at the Android Programming languages you may master in 2023 to create your app:



Java is one of the most popular languages for developing chat software for Android systems. Here are a few of the reasons why developers choose this language to create text, audio, and video chat products. 

        1. Java is a general-purpose object-oriented programming language, which means it can be used to construct a broad variety of programs.

        2.  A Java Virtual Machine (JVM) running on the operating system plays an important role in adjusting the performance of low-latency apps. This allows developers to optimize the speed with which their consumers may send and receive messages.

        3. Java is quite portable. A Java Virtual Machine (JVM) allows it to operate on any system. This makes the app development process very scalable and reduces development expenses significantly. 

        4. Because Java is object-oriented, you may create distinct objects for each component of your instant messaging programs that can interact with other bits of code inside your program.



Kotlin is yet another "official" language for developing any Android app. Here are some of the reasons why developers use Kotlin for chat app development:

        1. Because Kotlin supports both object-oriented and functional programming, it is better suitable for creating distinct functional app components.

        2. Kotlin is a statically typed language that conducts checks at build time, similar to Java. This reduces runtime errors, which means that any faults with the code are resolved before they can be built, ensuring that the app's performance is properly maintained when it runs.

        3. One key characteristic of Kotlin is its interoperability, which allows it to call Java functions while also allowing Java to call Kotlin functions. It can also be used in place of Java.

        4. Kotlin is a null-safe language. It reduces app crashes caused by null pointer exceptions.


Best Programming Languages for Creating an iOS App

When developing a chat app for iOS, iPad OS, tvOS, macOS, or watchOS, I propose two native programming languages: Objective-C and Swift. Here are the specific reasons why you should use these languages:



Objective-C is a sophisticated object-oriented programming language that is utilized in main Apple platforms and has a coding idea for real-time objects and frameworks. The following are some of the reasons why developers should consider using Objective-C for their chat programs.

        1. Objective-C is a general-purpose, object-oriented programming language that is used on the iOS platform to create apps that employ modular components and reusable code.

        2. Adds automated garbage collection, a developing object memory management system. Your program's trash collector finds things referred to by other objects and removes any unneeded remains.

        3. This language builds expressive chat capabilities by combining syntax from the C program and object-oriented messaging application elements from Small-talk. These syntaxes appear to be as simple to grasp as normal English. Also, read How to Make an App like Airbnb in 2022.

        4. Several historical codes are included in this language to enable the nested coding style.



Swift, being a compact, straightforward, and open-source programming language, is rapidly emerging as the preferred option for developers aiming to build iOS chat applications. There are several compelling reasons to choose Swift for developing your iOS chat app:

        1. Swift is a versatile programming language that exhibits excellent compatibility with iOS frameworks like Cocoa and Cocoa Touch.

        2. The programs are easier to understand and execute than in any other programming language. Inference, closures, memory management, stack overflow avoidance, and generics are among the features.

        3. Swift, being a statically typed language, ensures the production of a chat program free from runtime errors. It also features native error-handling capability, where the compiler rapidly detects code ambiguities.

        4. Installing integrated memory management solutions is a straightforward process, requiring minimal maintenance afterward.

        5. This simplifies the process of developing chat applications with substantial storage capacity.


Best Web Development Languages and Frameworks



Javascript is a platform-independent language that is used to create programs with dynamic backends and sophisticated user interfaces on the front end. Let's look at why developers utilize Javascript to create web applications:

        1. JavaScript is a high-level programming language used to write the client side of web pages.

        2. This is reusable code, which lets programmers focus on designing rich user interfaces rather than writing code from the ground up.

        3. Provides developers with the ability to execute apps in multiple environments and compile code in a variety of development languages.

        4. It features dynamic typing, which allows you to utilize a single function to develop desktop programs with extremely flexible and modular user interface components.



Do you need more reasons to choose React as your programming language? Our list is as follows:

         1. The programs are reusable, which means that programmers may tweak the pre-written scripts and utilize them to construct app functionality. There are several compelling reasons to choose Swift for developing your iOS chat app:

        2. Developers may use React's open-source frameworks to create a chat app with a variety of functions.

        3. The language's portability is an extra benefit. It makes the switch to a react native environment simple.

        4. Adapts the 'Virtual DOM' idea, which allows app libraries to store a UI prototype in memory and sync with a real DOM.

Also, read wireframes integral part of mobile app development.



Following that is Angular, which is yet another popular language for developing apps for web platforms. The following reasons will back up the above assertion:

        1. To build a rich look and feel for your app, Angular includes pre-built UI components that can be utilized straight inside your programs.

        2. This language's TypeScript capability enables developers to create chat apps with clean and legible code.

        3. Because of its ability to lazy-load your app modules, it is often chosen for creating lightweight chat apps.

        4. With Angular, it is simple to identify and correct mistakes in code.


Cross-Platform Programming Languages That Work

The chat app you create must be able to run on a variety of devices, platforms, and operating systems. Your apps should be created with a single code base that can operate on many platforms to increase flexibility. Cross-platform programming languages are the solution here. Without further ado, let us talk about the best languages for app development.


React Native

React Native is first on our list. React Native, as the name implies, is designed with code that readily interacts with native UIs. Here are a few reasons why React Native is a trustworthy programming language for creating cross-platform apps.

        1. When you write React Native code, you may reuse it. This enables you to develop new app functionality with simply a few tweaks to pre-written code.

        2. It has a modular, component-style architecture, which makes it more organized and simple to use.

        3. It features native user interfaces that may be understood and displayed to the user.

        4. At runtime, Javascript is used to interface with the app's native functionality.



Ionic is a highly adaptable framework built on top of Apache Cordova. If you're wondering why you should utilize Ionic for your chat applications, here's my list:

        1. Ionic facilitates the creation of hybrid mobile apps that can seamlessly transform the user experience from a web app to a native app.

        2. These frameworks include a multitude of natively compatible tools that are required for developing apps with dynamic features.

        3. Because the framework is so tightly related to the front-end components, they may easily incorporate frameworks like React, React Native, Vue, or Angular.

        4. It handles the UI development of your chat app.



The capacitor, like Ionic, is a framework used in the building of cross-platform apps. Let's check what it can do:

        1. Using the capacitor framework, you can simply transform any online project into a native app.

        2. The capacitor is typically utilized when apps require access to a mobile device's native features in order for the apps to conduct particular tasks in conjunction with the device features.

        3. Despite being developed by the same team, capacitors may work without the use of ions.


Back-End Programming Languages for a Chat App

As mentioned before in this post, the languages used in the backend have a deep understanding of the app's logic and conceptualization. This emphasizes the critical significance that the backend programs play in developing the key functionality of your software. This section will provide a quick overview of the development languages used to create chat apps:


Erlang is a backend programming language that uses lightweight threads to generate a whole process. Its distinguishing characteristics are as follows:

        1. Erlang is a general-purpose programming language, which means it may be used to build a broad variety of app capabilities.

        2. It is a language for concurrent programming. It can handle several processes that operate concurrently within your project.

        3. It makes your chat app more stable and trouble-free by having the option to restart apps when they break due to bugs or faults.

        4. The language's scalability makes it ideal for creating massive chat programs.



Without a doubt, Javascript can also execute on the backend! It can run on the Node environment to facilitate server-side programs. Below are several advantages of utilizing JavaScript for backend development.  Also, read What is custom mobile app development.

        1. It has a V8 engine that allows your program to process as quickly as possible.

        2. Because the client does not have to wait for a response after making a request, asynchronous request handling speeds up procedures. Rather, the procedure will begin and continue to operate automatically.

        3. Include a diverse set of frameworks, source codes, and plugins.



Go, also known as Golang, is an open-source programming language with static typing, primarily utilized for developing backend programs. If you're wondering why you should choose to Go as your backend language, here's a list of reasons:

        1. Automatic Garbage Collection is supported. This helps with object memory management by gathering and eliminating unwanted objects.

        2. Go is a highly concurrent game. Using a single function, it may execute numerous processes at the same time.



When you know which programming language is best for your needs, creating a chat app is never difficult. All the aforementioned languages are viable options for developing applications. Each of them has advantages and disadvantages. You simply need to choose what works best for your objectives. With the aid of mobile app development in Kochi you can create a user-friendly. Finally, we hope this post has assisted you in determining the best coding.