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PHP has become one of the principal players for web app development in Kochi in the current few years. Our PHP developers in kerala have confronted professionals whose PHP development assistance has helped several businesses gain a place in the hyper-competitive digital landscape. If you're looking to enhance your web projects, consider hiring a PHP developer in India to benefit from their expertise.


PHP development company in kochi
Advantages of using PHP
Built-in web development features
PHP is specially designed for web development from the commencement. So it all comes down to particular features that are wanted for creating a wide range of websites and web applications.
Platform independent
At present, PHP assists major operating systems that comprise Windows, Mac OS X, Linus, and UNIX. It also presents the option to expand any PHP application on cloud hosting like Amazon, Acquia, Azure, and Cloud as they provide support to PHP.
Works well with databases
Most web apps need accessing and delivering a tremendous amount of data, both quickly and efficiently. So the businesses wish to employ the best database in the backend environment. PHP implements support to most of the generally used databases which include MySQL, SQLite, and No-SQL like databases also.
Availability of libraries and frameworks
While employing PHP, one can easily overcome the coding time by a significant margin by solely availing a large number of open-source libraries and frameworks.
Most of the modern versions of PHP are currently distributed under an open-source license. So, one can use all the elements of this famous server-side programming language without any necessity to pay any licensing fees.
Provides unprecedented flexibility
PHP is individually designed based on popular programming languages such as C and C++. This means that you can read, assume as well as use the syntax in this particular server-side programming language without giving any additional work and time.

Why PHP is the best choice for web app development?

For selecting the most suitable programming language to develop your business web app you want to see what meets the specifications and develop the functionality which you need at a sensible cost and within the decent development of maintainability and extensibility. If you are new to the web development software environment and are just looking for a place to commence, then the PHP developers in kochi  can support you.


Boost Simplicity

With PHP, coding is like composing an essay in English for a computer to read, except the essay is a piece of code that instructs it to build and run a website in the most effective way feasible.


Nowadays, most of the users leave the website which takes more than 3 seconds to load. PHP comes with a JIT (Just in Time) engine which compiles the PHP code into machine language for more beneficial engaging results and more accelerated loading time.


This language works seamlessly with the significant operating system, database, and web servers. It sustains operating systems such as Linux, Solaris, etc. At the same time, the programmers also have an opportunity for preferring several databases.


It is one of the most adaptable web programming languages. It also allows the programmers to make modifications to the code during different stages of development.


PHP is being used by several high traffic websites. It is also used by developers in India to produce a wide variety of websites and web applications.

Excellent results

Our PHP programmers put extra time and work into writing the web application in PHP. Choosing PHP language for all web app development services in India will undoubtedly provide you outstanding results to build a website for your organization.

Benefits of a custom web application

The idea of Web Application Development is to execute things easier and more manageable, not just for businesses but also for clients. With each business having different conditions, Custom Web Application Development is of high value. Custom applications provide specific needs most especially, enhancing the performance and output.


Does Job Easier

There are thousands of things to be done in a company. With custom web applications, you can make everyday jobs a lot easier and more agile. Therefore, you can save on the time employees lose on doing ordinary things which now can be achieved with the help of web applications.

Increases Cooperation between Business and Clients

Communication is the root of a successful expert contact. A custom web application guarantees easy flowing conversation which is effective in increasing communication between the client and the business.

Saves Expenses

A company needs many heads and hands to run the business. But with custom applications, you may conveniently cut down on a few employees as it is more relaxed to handle the work with a web app.

Makes Business More Successful

Custom application development forms an essential part of the successful and effective completion of any business. With a custom web application, you can get the work done in an easier, faster, and more productive way.

Easy Data Entry Job

One of the most time-consuming jobs in business is entering the data. Not only it has to be swift but also correct to make sure that no statistics go amiss. With a customized web application, you can enjoy automatic data feeding which will not only save time and work but also the price.

Saves from Installation Hassles

A custom web application doesn’t want to be installed. Therefore, no customer would be restrained from handling it. Just land there and commence using it without any troubles.

Why choose a PHP framework for your business?

As a web development framework, PHP bestows its users with a range of benefits that explains the task of producing useful and affordable web development.


  • PHP demands no download or licensing charges. It is open-source and is filed under General Public License.
  • PHP is a somewhat object-oriented language. It advances code reusability.
  • A fabulous benefit of PHP is its versatility and adaptability. PHP code is harmonious with all major platforms.
  • Due to simply decipherable syntax, PHP code can be deliberately modified and substituted. It means, there are no difficulties with supporting and renewing PHP-based projects.
  • PHP’s versatility makes it a successful web hosting option for most of the hosting providers.
Why choose a PHP framework for your business

What makes us the right choice for you?

As a business, if you are looking for a PHP website development company in India that develops apps with global standards and years of experience and provides exposure, then your search simply ends here.


Complete Requirement Analysis
Good analysis always offers good privileges. While discussing project requirements, we make sure to give the most reliable web development solution as per your business’ obligations.
Well Designed
The primary concern your user remarks is the UI/UX design of the websites. We follow the most modern UI/UX design trends to achieve eye-catchy & easy-to-use design.
Cross-device Functionality
Cross-device functionality means your website works seamlessly across all devices and is compatible with all versions of smartphones and screen sizes.
High Performance & Speed
Our developed applications deliver amazingly secure user experiences and boost your conversions.
Advanced Security & Scalability
We ensure maximum scalability & protection of the websites by applying advanced security measures.
Source Code Security
We give entire source code security with rigorous application testing to use bug-free applications.

Skill sets of our PHP developers

PHP developer is a very in-demand occupation, and we provide qualified tech specialists.


Responsible developers
Our developers perform their responsibilities to the most satisfied with the accurate coding strategies, bug fixes, and keeping themself updated with the most advanced technologies.
Technically skilled
PHP Developers at iROID Technologies are experienced with the most nocturnal technologies, platforms, and frameworks to develop the most suitable web apps.
Passionate about work
Enthusiasm for work is what distinguishes an extraordinary web app developer from a simply good one. Our developers are eager about the work they do.
Skill sets of our PHP developers


iROID Technologies is one of the best  PHP development company in Kerala. Here we have answers to your questions.


  • 1Why should I hire you for my PHP web development?

    We have more than 5 years of experience in software consulting and PHP web development. We have highly-skilled, professional, and experienced developers in our group. We believe in clearness and faith in our work.

  • 2What language do you use to develop my website?

    We built websites in PHP with MySQL database and it is a server-side scripting language with C++ & C in its root.

  • 3What is a web application with an example?

    A web application is a client-server computer program that operates on a remote server and can be reached using any browser. They use server-side scripts to control storage and client-side scripts to present data to users. Common examples of web applications include webmail, online banking, online forms, video and photo editing, and more.

  • 4What is a modern web application?

    Modern Web Applications (MWA) is a sequence of a set of tools and ways of thinking that end in manageable, modular, and lightweight apps. They are required to be accessible round-the-clock, across the world. Moreover, they should also be harmonious across all devices and screen sizes.

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