Mobile App Development Company in Kochi, Kerala

Our Mobile app development company in Kerala offers powerful, custom, and quality apps. Utilize our cutting-edge app solutions tailored to your business needs. Our expertise lies in delivering mobility solutions featuring role-based user interfaces seamlessly integrated with your back-end business logic and data services.


Mobile app development company in Kerala
Our mobile app development services

In the realm of modern technology, mobile applications have become an integral part of users' daily lives, serving diverse purposes.  Is your business equipped to cater to the needs of users immersed in the mobile app ecosystem? For a decade, iROID has emerged as a prominent Top mobile app development company in India, adept at crafting applications across various industries and collaborations. We excel in the art of customization, ensuring that your apps are tailored to perfection, encompassing every aspect from design to functionality.  As the finest mobile and web development company, we specialize in creating native and hybrid applications for both iPhone and Android operating systems. Trust iROID to bring your app visions to life, providing unparalleled solutions for your app development needs.


Our mobile app development services
Technology Consulting

Our technically experienced app developers in Kerala will make discussions with you for your iOS or android application development to effectively achieve the most suited technology stack and well-thought-out system architecture.

Custom Mobile App Development

We have more than a decade of experience in rendering reliable, scalable, and highly accomplished custom application development services. We try the out-of-the-box development strategy making us one of the most trustworthy mobile app development companies in Kerala.

Enterprise Mobility Solution

Get enterprise app development solutions for your firm growth and streamline business rules. We create highly scalable, top-performing and fully assured mobility solutions to companies.

QA and Testing Services

From the beginning stage of the project, our team puts quality analysts in the circle so that you can make it certain that your app functions seamlessly crosswise across all devices.

App Migration & Improvements
If you want to migrate your existing mobile app to a different platform or upgrade the existing version of the app, Our team experts of iOS and android app development are constantly eager to help you.
Performance Monitoring & Auditing

We can also examine the performance of your application and perform great safety audits to guarantee excellent performance & security.

The major technologies we implement

At iROID, our approach to app development is rooted in intelligent strategies, well-defined methodologies, and cutting-edge technologies. Recognizing that each industry entails distinct requirements and functionalities, we tailor our services to identify the most suitable technologies and frameworks for your specific project. At iROID, we always follow meticulously selected digital technologies that empower us to deliver optimal value to our esteemed clients. Hire app developers in India from us. Rest assured, your app's success is our priority, and we are committed to leveraging the best resources available to achieve outstanding outcomes.

iOS/iPhone app development

We are a fine company of skilled iPhone app developers in India with a great portfolio of hundreds of thriving iPhone apps across a variety of cubbyholes. We are an iPhone app development company in India with the perfection of drawing together reform, creativity, and coding expertise to accouche the most advanced and business-focused apps.

Android app development

A majority of mobile devices globally are built on Android, and the platform enjoys the most substantial market share in the mobility business. As a business, if you are in search of an Android app development company with global customers and years of expertise and established exposure, your hunt just stops here.

Ionic app development

A front-end User Interface (UI) framework is what Ionic app development is all about. iROID Technologies the reputed App developers in India produce mobile applications with ionic as it works on various devices and operating systems from iOS and Android to Windows. The Ionic equipped mobile apps are remarkably user-friendly as they are designed on the base of AngularJS.

Xamarin app development

Xamarin is an outstanding means for mobile app development. Its framework takes .NET and C# to both the platforms Android and iOS. Even at runtime delivers native app builds unlike other built over cross-platform application development frameworks. And more importantly, the apps operate on any preeminent mobile platform without jeopardizing the performance.

React native app development

Unleashed by Facebook and sustained by the worldwide developer community React Native has developed as one of the most modern libraries for varied and feature-rich cross-platform mobile apps across various niches. A JavaScript library explains the incongruity between a so-called high-speed app and a magnificent user experience.

Flutter app development

Full with a rich widget, framework, and tools in correlation with other hybrid frameworks, Flutter supports app developers in India to create a marvelous app for iOS and Android platforms. It enables the building and deployment of UI with animations with a sole codebase. Thus, decreasing the extra costs of an interpreter and ending in the fastest code delivery with active, pure native achievement.
The technology we integrate

Mobile application development is in drifts today. These trends cause change frequently. Only the most updated and well-experienced team of developers of a top-tier mobile app development company in India can integrate the latest technologies with your app to make it more popular and gain large downloads.

Internet of Things
Doing the best mobile application development in India, we present mobile-enabled IoT solutions that are regulated via mobile, including real-time tracking & monitoring settings, video monitoring, etc.
Augmented Reality
Our app developers in Kerala build interactive & appealing AR-enabled mobile apps extending digital information and prolonging real-world pictures. We employ the most nocturnal technologies in video streaming, audio, etc.
Wearable Tech
We deliver exceptional resolutions for wearable devices that are implemented with smart installed sensors and arrangements. We also uphold them with remote, cloud-based data collection, and many more.
Geo Tracking
We executes GPS technology to enhance mobile apps with real-time tracking innovations like geo-targeting, geo-fencing, geotagging, etc.
Location Sensing
Being one of the best mobile app development companies in Kochi, we can fulfill location-awareness skills with technologies such as BLE Beacons, Near Field Communication, and Wi-Fi models for more agreeable in-store experience and reliable contactless payments.
Biometric Sensors
We, At iROID performs biometric verification technologies combining fingerprint scanning, voice & face recognition, and other such biometrics. With this specialty, you can get high-security user authentication.
Benefits of working with team Iroid

Experienced team members to assist you

  • Get your results of mobile app development delivered ahead of time
  • Regular supervision by a technical lead
  • Each project is assigned to a different team
  • Every project has a non-disclosure agreement
  • You will pay only for the work done
  • Work engagement is flexible as per client needs
  • 100% money-back guarantee with every project
Benefits of working with team Iroid
Why choose us?

Our team gives an app literally for everything. Yes, everything in the sense everything. Let it be an app for buzzing news, an alert, or to socialize, or you just name the conditions for the app, and our team will deliver a productive and interactive app to you. 

Quality solutions
Quality is what we are known for. We have constantly ensure our clients of quality and deliverable solutions that suit their necessities. Our team designs and innovates the development of mobile apps that ensure the comfort of use and quality interface.
Customized offerings
If you want tailor-made solutions, then your search ends here. We follow your requirements and offer the best potential solutions.
Experience & expertise
Our team encompasses solution providers who have both knowledge and skills in mobile app development. We also have managers who think creatively and strategize the complete development.
Belief in customer
Our clients are valuable to us! We deliver products that are targeted to entertain our customers and keep our clients cheering.
Affordability with maximum quality
While we don’t compromise on excellence, we guarantee that you get our products at the best achievable charges.
The apps we create are efficient and effective. Our main intention is to make sure apps are effective and give you great ROI.
How do we work?

At iROID Technologies we understand the paramount importance of providing secure and seamless mobile access to all its valued clients, fostering strong and lasting connections with customers. By prioritizing the establishment of user-friendly and robust mobile platforms, we strive to elevate customer relations to unprecedented levels, subsequently propelling exponential business growth.

Data Collection
We assemble every minute detail and demand from you at the beginning stage. Then, our specialists will evaluate the project and communicate with you for more procedures.
Project Preliminaries
On the background of your project requirement, we will escort you with the best engagement model and price for project necessities.
Project Emphasis
Based on the engagement model, your project is designated to a skillful team after which a careful quality analysis is performed and our project manager then presents the project as per the timeline.
How do we work
Case Studies
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We build a great digital solution including e-carts & marketplaces, auctions & reverse auctions, etc. The e-commerce websites we develop covers advanced requirement to provide the users and our clients. We make it easy for our clients to do business with the feature-rich e-commerce websites.
08 Aug


Our rapid website development solutions enhance your business ROI and lessen operational costs with the comprehensive websites we have developed. Our services help you drive faster to accomplish your business goals as the apps we developed can help you do daily tasks more efficiently.
06 Aug

Mobile Apps

We have developed mobile apps for various areas ranging from Business, Education, Games & Entertainment, Finance, Healthcare, E-commerce, Travel & Tourism, Food Industry, Transportation business, Fashion Industry, Matrimonial Services, and Daily life Apps. Now let's go through them.

iROID Technologies is one of the best Mobile App Development Companies in Kerala. Here we have answers to your questions.

  • 1Can you build apps for Android and iOS?

    Yes. The larger part of the apps we design supports both Android and iOS mobile platforms.

  • 2I am not a mobile-tech-savvy person and I still need an app. How can you help me?

    It is not a problem at all. We stay straight and accurate with every client. We have experience working with both technical and non-technical clients.

  • 3Can I see my mobile app while it's in progress?

    Yes and we inspire it.

  • 4Why should we hire iROID over a different agency?

    We have more than 8+ years of experience in mobile app development. Our clients choose us because of our unparalleled capabilities in delivering complex applications satisfying every requirement.

  • 5Mobile app development cost in India?

    The cost of mobile app development in India can vary significantly depending on various factors such as the complexity of the app, its features and functionality, the platform (iOS, Android, or both), the design requirements, the development time, and the level of expertise of the development team. For an accurate estimate, you can reach out to a reputable mobile app development company in Kerala and discuss your project details with them. They will be able to provide you with a more precise quote based on your specific needs and objectives.

  • 6How long does it take to develop a custom mobile App?

    The time required to develop a custom mobile app can vary significantly depending on several factors. The complexity and scope of the app, its features and functionality, the platform (iOS, Android, or both), the design intricacies, and the expertise of the development team all play a crucial role in determining the development timeline. Simple mobile apps with basic features and straightforward functionality may take anywhere from 2 to 4 months to develop. On the other hand, more complex apps can take around 4 to 8 months or even longer to build. Large-scale projects may require 8 to 12 months or more for development. To get a more precise estimate of the development time for your specific custom mobile app, you can consult with experienced mobile app development companies.


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