How to make an app like AirBNB in 2022?


The growing number of Airbnb hosts and Uber drivers is proof that the gig economy is flourishing more than ever. Knowing how to create an app similar to Airbnb can be the beginning of a successful business because a rising number of individuals are using it to earn money by renting out their houses to tourists.

One of the online marketplaces for vacation rentals, Airbnb connects travellers looking for lodging with homeowners looking to rent out their properties. The market for vacation rentals is distinct from that of hotels, which provide short-term lodging to residents. You can hire app developers in India who have experience creating apps similar to Airbnb and are aware of their prices. Let's begin straight away!

What is Airbnb?

Airbnb is a well-known website for vacation rentals that offers travellers the ability to book a local hotel and improve the experience for both hosts and guests. Using smartphone and web applications, Airbnb offers online hospitality services to customers all over the world from its San Francisco headquarters.

The business began by developing a straightforward website where people could provide lodging to travellers passing through their area. The business launched a mobile application for its product after nine years of long-term steady revenue.

Understanding App Workflow

Airbnb has altered how people view apartments, making it the new safe haven for many. Without a doubt, though, Airbnb offers the most cutthroat and alluring marketplace for renters and landlords looking for short-term housing.

By enabling users to rent out their properties to visitors at a reasonable price, Airbnb has become a market leader. Through this interactive approach, hosts may now make money while helping travellers choose lodging that suits their needs.

Do you know how Airbnb makes money on its travels? Originally known as Airbed & Breakfast, the company was started by Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia. However, they needed money, so that was just a fast money-making plan and cash grab.

After first renting out a portion of their San Francisco flat to three guests who wanted to attend a design conference, they decided to buy air mattresses. It was a convenient and creative notion that resulted in a lucrative company concept.

In 2020, 12 years from now, Airbnb was valued at $86.5 billion, and on the first day of its initial public offering, it was trading at $146 per share.

However, because it offers its consumers a vast array of features, it is crucial to comprehend the seamless transitions. You must consider an app from the perspective of the user if you want to know how to create one similar to Airbnb.

What are the Features of Airbnb? – For Guests

These are the essential characteristics of Airbnb that you must be aware of if you want to learn how to create an app similar to Airbnb.

Sign-up/Login: The app or website must require the guest user to register. If they already have an account, they could also login using that, and they could also log out of the Airbnb app.

Manage Account: Users can set or modify their passwords and update their personal information.

Search Filter: These filters aid consumers in more effective navigation and shortlisting accommodations in accordance with their preferences.

Apply filters such as those for property size, population, price range, available dates, amenities, etc.—and make your choice. The time spent browsing through meaningless listings to find a suitable home is greatly reduced by this feature.

Wish List: Users can add items to a wish list for later consideration if they want to keep track of their search results.

Chat Notifications: This function alerts the user to messages, information about deals, and other booking information.

Chatbot: Before making a reservation, a user can maintain contact with the property owner via a chatbot.

Maps: Users should be able to find the property on the map, traverse the neighbourhood, and obtain all relevant address information.

Booking: This feature enables the user to reserve the desired property and shows the history of previous reservations.

Payments: The user may make the payment after deciding on a property and a stay period. They can also choose the currency and the payment method, as well as check the transaction history.

Help: Regardless of how fluid and user-friendly your UI is, consumers frequently have trouble using rental apps. When they encounter issues with reservations, websites, brief FAQs, etc., the support section provides them with solutions.

Review: For better references, users can discuss their interactions with the host and their accommodations.

Sharing: This feature enables users to invite friends to use an application as well as share it with others. This function is also the most effective at spreading awareness of the software.

What characteristics does Airbnb offer? For Hosts

You must be familiar with the characteristics of an Airbnb-like website in order to create one. The amenities that the hosts receive are as follows:

Sign-up/Login: In the event that the property owner already has an account, they must join up and enter their login information.

Manage Account: This function enables the host to change or set their password as well as alter and update their personal information.

Registration: Property owners enter information about their properties, including the size, amenities, location, price range, and rules and regulations.

Manage List: With this function, the host is able to modify and change any information on the properties.

Booking List: The property owner can take and manage current and upcoming bookings via the booking list. The owner of the property can manage all of their current and upcoming reservations here.

Request: Using this tool, customers can submit a booking request to the property owner, who can then accept or reject it.

Chatbot: Before the user books a property, the host can communicate with them using the chatbot feature.

Chat Notifications: Push notifications for messages, updates, and other chat-related information are provided through this feature.

Account Details: The host can keep track of their booking deposits, payment history, and other financial transaction information with this tool.

Review: Using this feature, the host can see a preview of the user reviews and leave comments or responses.

Sharing: It's crucial for hosts to be able to share the app with their network and peers for marketing purposes.

Dashboard for the admin panel — The admin dashboard offers a thorough overview of every user enrolled as a host or a guest, whether they are new or returning.

Manage new listings – Each listing that is just uploaded is carefully examined before being processed further. The administrator is free to add, remove, and alter listings as necessary.

Booking History — This section compiles all information about reservations, both new and old, and shows the current state of each reservation. Additionally, these can be changed, updated, or removed.

Feedback and Complaints - Both visitors and viewers can read the feedback and complaints that are handled here.

Insights – It contains a compilation of all past and present activities and provides in-depth insights that aid in making decisions in the future.

Cost to Build an App like Airbnb?

It's crucial to comprehend the specifications needed to develop an app like Airbnb with round-the-clock customer care. However, understanding how an app like Airbnb charges or the sum of Airbnb rental estimates is more crucial.

The dynamic user interface of a vacation rental service like Airbnb can be very expensive to create. You had the option to hire app developers in India or outsource it to an app development company in India.

In addition, you will be responsible for paying for the Airbnb app.

  • Deployment Platform
  • Tech Stack and Airbnb Microservices Architecture
  • Technical Complexity
  • UX/UI Customization

Rolling out a fully operational PoC that can test the concept on a group of beta consumers takes roughly 60 days. They would also get first access as a result.

The full-scale version would be developed in around 150 days, including the time it would take to incorporate user feedback and proof-of-concept data. The fundamental issue at hand is how much it costs to maintain an Airbnb app.

With the requirements for the finished product and an estimate of the development time for all the features put together, Airbnb would then align the app development costs with the PoC. These prices may differ from business to business and country to country.

Final Words on How to Make an App Like Airbnb

Always keep in mind that creating a product is very different from developing one when learning how to create an app similar to Airbnb. It's challenging to create an app that outperforms the competition that the market demands. We have professionals at iROID Technologies who have achieved success as mobile app developers and can help you build a website similar to Airbnb!

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