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As a Mobile app development company in Kerala, our focus has always been on delivering top-notch services to clients across multiple industries. Over the years, we have developed websites, web applications, and mobile applications that have enabled our clients to improve their engagement with their customers and expand their revenue. We understand that our clients are not simply looking for a website or an app, but rather a medium to connect with their customers and expand their business. To cater to the eclectic needs of our clients, we have developed our services and today, we offer a spectrum of solutions including web designing and development, e-commerce development, mobile application development, digital marketing, content marketing, ERP development, CRM development, and more. As an app development company in India, we are determined to furnish high-quality services at affordable expenses.

We have meticulously crafted aesthetically pleasing stellar mobile and web designs according to the various industries, which can attract the target audience. From the inception of captivating web designs to the intricate intricacies of e-commerce development, and from the seamless execution of mobile application development to the strategic implementation of digital marketing and content marketing strategies, we have curated a portfolio that caters to every facet of modern business needs. Our repertoire of services has evolved in response to the dynamic and diverse demands of our clients, resulting in a comprehensive spectrum of solutions that encompasses an array of domains.

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iROID Technologies is one of the topmost organizations that offer an opportunity to hire developers in India with great talent and industry knowledge that can help your business. Whether your requirements are on a long-term or short-term or hourly basis, we are here to support you. With 6+ years of experience and a pool of highly-qualified developers, iROID implements solutions with utmost perfection.

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An online Health tracker to improve fitness

When you want to get into a better physical and healthy approach, this app should get a tap. It’s full of features that track your health and help to push you in the productive direction.


Feature Portfolio

An application to book hotel rooms

Ro Rooms is An application to book hotel rooms. when you plan to travel, Now you can Securely book the stay of your choice with this app


Feature Portfolio

A One Stop destination for all your E Commerce Needs

Easystore is a multi vendor ecommerce application of the physical outlet with the same name. This mobile and web app has got different stores listed and users can buy products in different verticals.


Feature Portfolio

Middle East Based E Commerce Store

Waffi Apps is a multi vendor E Commerce platform based in Bahrain and one of the biggest names in the country. It features different store with different verticals of products which users can buy in simple taps.

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  • 1What does it cost to develop a mobile app?

    The app development cost varies considerably depending on various factors like the salary of app developers that depends on their expertise and experience, the time required to complete the app development, complexities and functionalities involved and included in the app, technologies required, and so on. So to know what your app might cost, we advise you to give us a call or fill in the form that pops up on the website. Our experienced Business Analyst will call you and discuss the requirements in detail and give you an estimate.

  • 2What are the advantages of hiring an app development company in India?

    When you hire an app development company, you will have access to highly skilled and experienced app developers who will work for you. Similarly, the app development process will transpire in parallel to your business, without any interruptions. And the dedicated app developers will work for your app, to deliver your comprehensive app and guarantee after-delivery support also while you concentrate on your core business.

  • 3How can I hire app developers in India from iROID Technologies?

    To hire app developers in India from iROID Technologies you can either fill in the form that pops up on the website with your contact details and requirements. Or directly give us a call at +91 81298 55155. Either way, you select our team will brief you on the rest and will guide you until you select your developers from our talent pool.

  • 4Why does your business need a website?

    A business looks more professional when you have an official website that lists out your services to your target audience. It's quite natural that a potential customer might initially look out for your business on the internet before they visit your office, so having a website can increase your visibility, and brand values, and act as a virtual office. Apart from that, having a website will be an added advantage to make your business stand apart from the competitors.

  • 5What factors should you take into consideration when you hire web developers?

    When you hire web developers make sure to communicate your requirements with clarity, so that there is no confusion in the later stages of development. When you choose a web developer also ensure that they are skilful, talented, and ambitious in their niche. And explicitly pick flexible developers who can handle any coding challenges on the go. Looking into their previous work samples can help you decide.

  • 6What are the benefits of working with a mobile app development company in Kochi?

    Modern app development companies may be found in Kochi. One of Kochi's top firms for creating mobile applications is iROID. Hiring mobile app developers in Kochi would include working with professionals in a range of software technologies who are reasonably priced, offer complete services, have access to top talent, work on your schedule, and have no restrictions on the design of mobile applications. A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is signed by iROID and the customer. As a result, every individual on our team is required to keep all information given to us confidential. Moreover, a protected channel will be used for data transfer, guarding against any form of the data breach.

Mobile app development company in Kochi, Kerala

Mobile apps have become an indispensable component of today's lifestyle. A company that does not have an app has clearly fallen behind. Today, a custom-tailored app for your target audience is more than vital. We have an experienced team of app developers in India who are well-versed in understanding, designing, and developing custom mobile app solutions. Our team is committed to quality while maintaining an innovative approach. Our team of skilled app developers will create an app for you in iOS or Android, in either the native or hybrid version. Give us a call now or fill in the pop-up on our website for more details.

Software Company in Kochi

We have more than 7 years of experience in delivering software solutions to businesses of all verticals. Whether the requirement is a website, mobile application, or IT assistance, our team's full-fledged technical expertise is available 24X7. We develop and deliver custom software, native apps, CRM, hybrid apps, and anything a client might require to enhance and take their business to the next level with utmost care and precision. When you choose iROID Technologies as your preferred software company in Kochi, you can be assured that the solution you receive is customised to any extent you demand, is cost-effective without sacrificing quality, and expect long-term after-delivery support and maintenance.

IT Consulting Company in India

The IT industry is evolving every day at a fast pace. To keep up with the innovation and to deliver robust and efficient IT solutions you will want assistance from experts. iROID Technologies is the top IT consulting company in India that can help you in analysing the IT needs of your business and decide what technology suits the best to align your IT with the businesses. Our services include an IT strategy roadmap, IT alignment, and current IT state analysis.

As a top IT consulting firm in India, we take the responsibility to transform your business by relieving you from simple to complex technical challenges and resolving all your IT concerns. When you hire an IT consulting company in India, you can be assured of low cost for the advice you will receive to implement technology for your specific business goals. Indian consultants can guarantee high-quality work with their expertise and experience. IT consultants from India are highly skilled and efficient in delivering their results. This in turn can improve your company’s overall efficiency.

Hire a developer from iROID as we also provide resource augmentation services to complement your existing IT team with experienced and skilled professionals. Our resource augmentation services enable you to scale your team up or down as per your business requirements without worrying about the hiring process. With our IT consulting and staff augmentation services, we can help you achieve your business goals by providing the necessary technical expertise and support. Whether you need help with project management or require additional resources for web and app , we can provide you with the right IT professionals to augment your staff.

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