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The Ultimate Guide to Web Development Costs in India


The price to create a website varies greatly based on how the site should look, how many pages it should have, and how many features it should have. Despite the broad range of prices you'll see, only two things directly determine price:

          => The project's scope

          => where the project is being built

You'll learn everything you need to know about each stage of the development process from this guide to website development costs in India, enabling you to start making decisions according to website development companies in Kerala

Consequently, you must have a thorough understanding of your project needs before creating a website. You can begin to consider the various elements that can impact the price of your web development project, including

        => Platform type that your website is built on

        => What kind of website do you require

        => What sort of crew would you need?

        => Where your development team is located

You can select the best for your project based on your needs.

Standard Web Development Options

The cost of creating a website can range from a few hundred to tens of thousands of dollars. You might be able to accomplish it yourself if you have the necessary time and abilities. Like Wix or Squarespace, there are many DIY platforms where you can build a website with no coding knowledge. These frequently include a free domain name and hosting service. There will be restrictions on what you can do with your site, which is a drawback, but if all you need is an online brochure or a straightforward website, this might be ideal. Also, read Where to Find a web designer.

Connect with Freelancers

If you cannot design a website yourself, outsourcing website creation may make sense. The price of a website developer varies according to the scope and difficulty of your project as well as any other features you desire to be included. By hiring a freelancer, you can ensure that they'll be in charge of creating and implementing these additions without going over budget, which keeps things equitable.

Freelancers provide low-cost development, especially when compared to hiring full-time workers. In contrast to intricate undertakings, which may cost up to $6,000, one-off jobs typically cost between $2,000 and $3,000 each. Before making a decision, look into the freelancer's experience in the field and how satisfied their prior clients were. Also, learn more about How Much Does It Cost to develop a Mobile App in India .

Development Companies

The best alternative for project development is to outsource the project to the best web development company in India. Although the costs are substantially more than for independent contractors, the project is guaranteed, and the results are assured.

A website might cost anything between $20,000 and $80,000 to develop. Regular clients of development companies are also entitled to exclusive discounts; contact them today to take advantage of these advantages!

Important Things You Need to Know About Website Development Costs in India

1. Site Domain & Hosting

Depending on the name and hosting you choose, the cost of creating a website might vary significantly. You must think about buying a domain name, which typically costs $20 per year to $300 per year and includes hosting, depending on your demands.

It's crucial to have a domain name. It must be straightforward, simple to remember, and compatible with your brand. The hosting you choose affects how well your site works. Therefore, it's crucial to consider whether the server locations are closer to your audience while choosing a website host.

2. Unique & Compelling Website Designs

Any business needs an engaging design. Whether you need generic templates or a unique design with unique coding, graphics, and content will affect the price of website development. Depending on the scope of your project, a skilled web designer will bill anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000 or more.

Finding out what kind of experience they have can help you choose whether or not they are the ideal fit for your needs. Do they specialize in eCommerce? Do they have all the necessary skills? Designers who take the time to comprehend their clients' organizations typically produce superior work than those who don't put as much effort into doing so.

Website designs often cost between $100 and $500 for logo designs. The cost would likely be greater, ranging from $2,000 to $8,000. If you need help with branding or identity development, the cost would be higher.

3. Back-end Development

Depending on their degree of experience and dedication, back-end developers can charge as low as $2,500 per month or as much as $8,000 per month.

4. Site Content & Copy

Hiring a copywriter or other someone with experience in producing various kinds of content is frequently necessary when adding new content like blog posts, articles, photos, and videos.

5. Additional Features

The price of building a website will depend on the extra features that are offered. For instance, some websites provide live chat services that let users speak with customer support agents about their inquiries and issues in real-time. Other features include, among others, shopping carts and safe payment methods. A new website requires at least two months of planning, research, wireframing, prototyping, and testing to verify it satisfies all criteria. Depending on the package the consumer chooses, maintenance fees are charged monthly or yearly and can range from $150 to more than $1,000. Also, read What is custom website development.

Development Cost Calculation Formulas

The standard formula for estimating the cost of development is

Total Cost = Initial Investment + Additional Investments.

The upfront expense for design and coding is known as the first investment. Additional investments are also necessary for several services that you could desire for your websites, such as hosting, upkeep, and upgrades. For instance, your additional investment would be 10% of the total development cost if your website initially had 15 pages and you later needed an additional 5.

Moreover, imagine that when your website launches, you need live chat capabilities. In that scenario, this will also be considered an additional investment and will cost more. In this instance, it would be 1% of the whole development cost. Another formula well-known in India for figuring out how much it costs to construct a website is

Total Website Development Cost = Hourly Rate of Developer x Total Time Required for Project Development

The hourly salary for developers in India ranges from $15 to $50. Increase the number of hours needed by two if you want your website produced in less than two weeks. Similarly, multiply by three if it is three weeks or more. However, keep in mind that timelines are subject to alter due to unforeseen events, so you should continue to check in with your developer every week until they deliver.

Make sure to take their level of expertise and experience into account when determining the hourly fee for designers in India. Their hourly rates will be considerably cheaper than someone who has been working in the sector for a number of years if they are only recently out of college or university and have little to no experience. Therefore, since they don't, don't automatically assume that all designers charge the same prices!

What are the variables influencing the price of developing a website?

Every website is different, with a distinct collection of features and functionalities created in accordance with the particular requirements of the company or person. Therefore, it stands to reason that each website's development cost will vary.

1. Cost of a website depends on the type of platform it utilizes

Let's say you want to build your website with a well-liked content management system (CMS), like WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal. The price will thus be less than building a custom website.

The explanation for this is that these platforms already have sizable developer communities who consistently work to enhance the platforms by developing fresh themes, plugins, and modules.

In other words, you may simply build a functional website without spending a lot of money on the development process if you can discover an appropriate theme and plugin combo. Learn more about What is the difference between web design and web development.

You must create a bespoke website from scratch if you require it to have certain features and functionalities that are not available on any platform. 

In this situation, you will need to construct a custom website using a variety of programming languages, such as PHP, ASP.NET, Java, etc., which will obviously cost more money.


Website platforms & their development cost

 Website Platform

 Development Cost

 WordPress Website

  $2000 – $20000

 Joomla Website

  $4000 – $25000

 Drupal Website

  $5000 – $35000

 Custom Website

  $10000 – $100000+

 2. Cost of a website is determined by the type of website it is

The type of website you intend to construct will affect how much it costs to do it. For instance, it will cost more to design an eCommerce website than it costs to create a straightforward informational website.

This is due to the fact that an eCommerce website needs extra features like a shopping cart, integration with payment gateways, a product catalog, etc., which will inevitably raise the development cost.

Similarly, it will cost more to design a complicated website with features like social network integration, real-time chat, live video streaming, etc.

3. The price of a website is dependent on its layout and structure (wireframe)

The structure and layout of a website affect its development cost as well. The wireframe must be created with ease of use and navigation in mind.

A complicated website structure with an excessive number of pages and subpages will cost extra to construct.

The price will also increase if the website has a special layout with custom visuals and animations. On the other hand, it will be less expensive if the website has a straightforward wireframe.

4. The size of a website's cost

The size of the website is crucial in figuring out how much it will cost to construct. Let's say you want to create a simple website with a few pages and no advanced functionality.

The cost will be less than creating a sizable website with hundreds of pages and several features and functionalities in that instance.

5. The cost of a website depends on its complexity of creation

The intricacy of creating the website is another element that influences development costs. Let's say you want to design a straightforward website with basic features and functionalities.

If so, it will be less expensive than creating a complicated website with numerous features, a sizable database, a complicated front end, and a sophisticated back end. Also, read A complete guide on website development.

6. Website price based on required team size

The group you'll require to create your website depends on:

         1. the CMS or custom website building platform

         2. E-commerce, business, marketplace, or standard website types

         3. Website features include live video streaming, real-time chat, and social network integration.

         4. Website size and complexity: Is it a small or large website?

         5. You wish to integrate features like shipping and payment gateway integration.

The team needed to create your website will be made up of experts with various skill sets depending on these variables.

7. Costs for developing websites vary depending on where your team is located

The cost of development is also impacted by the team's location. It will cost more money to recruit developers in the US or Europe than it will hire web or app developers in Kerala. However, a recent trend shows that more and more companies are choosing to work with Indian remote engineers. When compared to developers in the US or Europe, India has a sizable pool of talented and experienced workers. As a result, you may think about employing Indian developers or firms to save money on website development.

Over to You

Depending on the essential elements, the cost to design a website can range from $5,000 to tens of thousands of dollars. Live chat is an example of an additional service that typically costs $200 to start up ($150/month) and adds roughly 10% to the overall cost.

The top web design firms in India can provide you with an estimate based on your needs for a project MVP or a full business site. An average quote covers all deliverables and significant design requirements, including responsive design, SEO optimization, social media integration, CMS functionality, and other add-ons that you might need to create your ideal website. 

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