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How Much Does It Cost to develop a Mobile App in India ?


Needless to say, the usage of mobile phones has increased enormously, and it became mandatory for every business regardless of their size to develop mobile apps for gaining a wide range of customers.  And if you’re someone who owns a business and is looking to develop a mobile app,  but is in confusion about the “ How Much Does It Cost to Design a Mobile App in India” question. Don’t worry. As the sought-after mobile app development company in Kochi, we’re here to help you!

Although a mobile app can transform your business to the next level, first and foremost, you need to understand there is no fixed cost for a mobile app. It all depends on the company to proceed to work with,  your project size, scope, etc. There are various factors that affect the cost of application development. 

In this blog post, we will take a closer look at what are the factors that affect the cost of mobile application development and tips on how to keep expenses down. But before that, let’s discuss the factors that affect the pricing of mobile app development. Read more about how mobile apps can help your business.

Cost Affecting Factors - For Mobile Application Development

As mentioned earlier, there are several factors that affect the android app and IOS development cost in India. Let’s check out those factors.

1. Platforms

The appearance and functionality of platforms; Android and iOS vary. While an Android application must, on the one hand, be matched with various solutions and formats, this is not necessary for iOS in order for everything to be finalized. This is the cause of the higher cost of designing and developing Android mobile apps compared to iOS.

IOS vs.Android app cost

Although there may not be a significant variation in the price of mobile app UI design between iOS and Android apps, there are still some distinctions. UI/UX designers used to charge a lot and iOS app development used to be expensive, however, that is no longer the case. Google has started adhering to a rigorous vetting process in order to assure good quality in terms of what is added to the store. The variety of platforms and device kinds has therefore become the deciding factor in the cost comparison between iOS and customized app design and development.

Coming to Android mobile app design and development, Google Material Design guidelines are continually evolving along with the devices' capabilities. Hence, Android app designers must constantly adapt to new frameworks and cutting-edge mobile app design concepts to match the changing needs. However still, the cost and development of Android mobile apps naturally rise because there are far more platforms to work on than iOS. Also, learn more about the benefits of android development for your business.

2. App complexity

Three complexity levels are taken into account when cost estimates need to be made, regardless of whether we're talking about UI/UX design costs, trendy mobile app design concepts, or mobile app development costs.

Simple apps

These applications' displays are limited to three, and neither animations nor interactive design features are used. This group includes applications like alarm clocks and calculators.

Medium/ Average complexity apps

These applications use various interactive elements, animations, and screens, among others. They are typically built to match the native look and feel of the platform and are designed separately for the Android and iOS platforms. They rely on Google Material design concepts and human interface design guidelines. The majority of the applications you use on a daily basis, including WhatsApp and Uber, are examples of medium-complexity apps.

High-complexity apps

For these applications to function and serve their purpose, mobile app designs are essential. Here, numerous animations and transitions are used to assist users in moving between screens and finally turn them into regular users. Complex apps include OTT ones like Netflix, Disney Hotstar, Amazon Prime, and others. All of these apps require a device-centric native UI design because they frequently operate on multiple screens.

3. Team location

The team's work could differ significantly depending on whether the designer is from the US or India while maintaining the same level of quality. This is a result of the various design tools or the various working methods each of them uses for the working process.

4. Team type

The type of design team chosen to create the app is a factor that will affect the cost of mobile application development. An in-house design team will normally be the most expensive choice, although outsourcing a team and freelancers may be less expensive. Outsourcing with a mobile app development company in Kochi is the best choice in such cases.

5. Visual designs

How you choose to represent your app aesthetically can affect the whole cost, from colours to final UI mockups. Colour is one of the most crucial visual components in any mobile app. The correct colours can be utilized to emphasize important elements as well as help define the app's mood and tone. However, employing too many colours will raise the price of creating an app because it will take more time and effort to balance and harmonize all of the colours in the design. Keep your colour pallet to no more than 2-3 colours if you're on a tight budget.  Hire app developers from a top-tier software outsourcing company to get high-quality services at a very reasonable price.

Typography, mood boards, example UI mock-ups, and finished UI mock-ups are a few other crucial visual components. The font you select for the app is part of the typography and is significant in expressing the app's tone and personality.

Moodboards may be a terrific method to convey your idea to the team and help define the tone and feel of an app. UI mockup samples can be used to decide on the general structure and flow of an app. And last, Final UI mockups are crucial for ensuring that the app has a polished and expert appearance. 

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6. Graphics and Animation

Every graphic element that isn't a photograph is involved in animations and illustrations. Among the items in this category are gifs, vectors, icons, and logos. Particularly crucial to branding are icons and logos, which can also increase the brand recognition of your app. Animations can be used to give an app personality or interactivity, but because they take more time and work to create, they might raise the price of app design. 

7. Functionality

Features and complexity are the two key elements that will influence the price of app design when it comes to an app's functionality. The more features your app offers, such as in-app purchases and social media integration, the more expensive the design will be. If you're on a tight budget, limit your features to the absolute necessities, such as user login, search, and sorting. Get the best app ideas by checking out our latest blog. 

These are the key factors that affect the cost of app development. But there are a few ways that will help you to reduce the cost. Let’s check out the tips that will help you to reduce the price of mobile application development. 

Tips to reduce app development cost

Now let’s find out the things you can do to lower the pricing of your mobile app development.

Planning is key

Careful planning is crucial when it comes to the design and development of custom mobile apps. It will take some time to map out all the features and functionality of your project. This will make it easier to determine which details are important and which may be skipped. You can save the cost later on by avoiding expensive adjustments and revisions if you have a clear plan from the beginning.

Focus on basic components

It's crucial to concentrate on the basic functionalities while building your app. Making a prototype first can be beneficial. Keep your features simple and avoid the desire to add too many functions, and you'll be able to reduce your pricing.

Hire a mobile development company

Associating with the services of a prominent app development firm is one of the finest tactics to lower the cost of design. These businesses specialize in creating affordable solutions that address your unique demands and they can provide you with the best mobile app developers in India.

Design for multiple devices

You should keep in mind that your app needs to function on a variety of devices while creating it. This applies to mobile phones, tablets, and even mobile PCs. You can eliminate the need for later expensive redesigns by designing it from the beginning itself.

Build for the future

Remember the long-term is vital for your app. This includes creating software for newly released devices and operating systems. Future-proofing the development of the app will help you eliminate the need for pricey upgrades.

Wrapping it up

Hope this blog post has helped you to eliminate your doubt about How Much Does It Cost to Design a Mobile App in India and understand the factors that are responsible for its pricing of it. Feel free to add your comments below. And if you’re in search of the right partner to assist in mobile app development at a reasonable cost, being a prominent app development company in India we are happy to help you!