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Have any software requirements, iROID Technologies, the top Software outsourcing company in India has got your back.

What do we provide?

You will find and receive everything you need to provide for a better project. Since 2015, iROID Technologies has been the best software app development company in India and producing custom software apps for varieties of business needs. We'll take your project through the whole software development process starting from requirements, to design, development, testing, and finally to the deployment.iROID Technologies is a software development company in India where every client gets tailored web and mobile applications and other digital solutions that meet the business obligations to intrude on the market.


service mobile
Ideally, a CRM system should support your business by being integrated into a software system that promotes the collection, preparation, and administration of the customer’s data. A CRM system can be useful to both small and large range businesses as long as it is completed competently.
Social Media Optimization is an essential part of Internet marketing that supports businesses to expand their reach through diverse available platforms Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, and other social communities.
Web developers usually practice JavaScript to deliver the required functionality to websites that they produce. jQuery is one tool that gives a transcendent deal of flexibility and control to web designers.
Node JS
One of the key benefits of Node.js is that developers get it easy to scale the applications in horizontal as well as vertical tracks. Node.js improves app response time, development time, and productivity to enable businesses with a competitive edge technology that holds the next-level efficiency and adaptability.
React JS
User interaction makes conversion and conversion drive your income. We appreciate your product and try putting in our attitude to it that blends the most nocturnal technology, design, and usability.
Angular JS
Do you intend to make a head start with your business? Or, do you want to represent your company to the audience? Anything be your needs, iROID Technologies with its talented pool of frontend developers in India could deliver you the tailor-made solution you are seeking for.
Business marketing services we provide


Moreover, we iROIDians believe that profitability means client happiness. Our software outsourcing companyin India has consistently been supported by our highly experienced experts dedicated to providing total software solutions under one roof. We maintain not only the latest technology but also the most educated and experienced hands to offer the greatest customized solutions.



Information like the name of the company, contact details, and details of what the company is really about is usually scratched clearly on either side of them. They are often personalized to accommodate the bearer’s names and their designation in the company.


Do you want to make certain that your brochure design pulls attention? Well, look no moreover because we the experts have put together a series of suggestions to upgrade your brochure from good, to excellent.


A logo is more than a latent symbol. It displays the importance of a brand’s visible identity and without one; a brand would miss its essence. To leave an enduring consequence on a consumer, having an extraordinary logo is critical.


Your company's name is an essential perspective of your company's status. The name will appear on business cards, letterhead, the website, and all kinds of promotional materials. It must help to recognize and differentiate your company and its products or services from others.


The slogan is assumed to communicate to your customers and possible customers what sets you aside from your race and also your brand’s focus. A comprehensive business name for your new small business or startup can be challenging. Coming up with a remarkable business slogan can present an even more imposing challenge.


Designing an efficient letterhead is a bizarre challenge. Sometimes your letterhead design will be the primary communication a customer has had with a particular firm, while other times it will be done to augment the brand identity.
Why should you choose iROID?

We are the best Offshore Software Development Company in India with the superiority of bringing together novelty, creativity, and coding skills to deliver the most advanced and business-focused websites. Whether you want us to build an excellent website, web app, mobile app, etc. from scratch or want to hire developers from India, with iROID Technologies, you will obtain the right solution.


Absolute Requirement Review
Good analysis always bestows good benefits. While reviewing project specifications, we make sure to present the software solution as per your business’ needs.
The first thing your user notices is the design of your software. Our software outsourcing company in India reflects the most modern trends.
Our software company in Kochi gives you a responsive web app with an opulent custom theme and mobile-friendly user interface.
High Performance & Speed
All our developed Kerala software delivers amazingly quick user experiences and loads within seconds that increase your conversions and support in Google ranking.
Advanced Security & Scalability
Our software outsourcing company in Kochi guarantees the best scalability & stability of software by applying advanced security standards.
Comprehensive Search Engine Optimization
We develop websites with cleaner codes, responsive & user-friendly design so that search engines can quickly crawl through your site.
Benefits of working with us

Working with us will develop your sense of perception of the project you are engaging and investing in. Be it a local or global project, as a software outsourcing company in Kerala, we are equipped with all the resources and the best intentions to work!


  • A pool of experienced and skilled web developers.
  • A talented team of designers who are proficient in delivering a unique UI design.
  • We boast of a solid portfolio of the most sophisticated and triumphant websites we have created.
  • We have a strong command over all the latest technologies.
  • We are known for a strong focus on customization and incorporation of business logic.
  • Our software development company in India offers experienced and expert developers for hire.
  • We provide you the most affordable solution.
  • We are experts in turning critical challenges into a competitive advantage.
  • We develop your website frontend rapidly with superior quality.
iROID: Covering all verticals


We have delivered highly scalable, acquired software solutions for clients in various industry verticals from healthcare to banking and travel, and many more. The following are a few of the industries we have worked for.


Logistics & transportation
We have developed websites satisfying every essential need for logistics and transportation systems. the websites we have delivered covered areas like fleet management, processing orders, inventory control, and many more.
Travel and Tourism
The travel and tourism sectors find it easy to operate with a lesser cost when we have made web applications that provide every functional requirement.
We have delivered quality websites in the health care segment making their management more easy and simple. The web apps and websites are developed by experts meeting every guideline.
Retail & eCommerce
Our team of experts and professionals have created several e-commerce websites that guarantee every customer's easy shopping experience.
Banking & finance
The banking and Finance related web applications we have developed offers custom solutions for financial organizations and increases operational efficiency.
Media & Entertainment
Our expertise covers even the Media and Entertainment vertical. We have covered areas like social media applications, media content distribution, and online promotion solutions.
How do we work?


iROID Technologies helps you promote your businesses through the digital identity we make for you. Our team of experts improve your customer relations and thereby intensify business development

Data Collection
We gather every precise detail of your company, completed works, the work process, and many more such details to develop the most suitable website for your brand.
Project Preliminaries
On the background of your project requirement, we will escort you with the best engagement model and price for project necessities.
Project Emphasis
Based on the engagement model you have chosen, your project is assigned to a skillful team. Later a quality analysis is performed and our project manager then presents the project as per the timeline.
Case Studies
08 Aug


We build a great digital solution including e-carts & marketplaces, auctions & reverse auctions, etc. The e-commerce websites we develop covers advanced requirement to provide the users and our clients. We make it easy for our clients to do business with the feature-rich e-commerce websites.
08 Aug


Our rapid website development solutions enhance your business ROI and lessen operational costs with the comprehensive websites we have developed. Our services help you drive faster to accomplish your business goals as the apps we developed can help you do daily tasks more efficiently.
06 Aug

Mobile Apps

We have developed mobile apps for various areas ranging from Business, Education, Games & Entertainment, Finance, Healthcare, E-commerce, Travel & Tourism, Food Industry, Transportation business, Fashion Industry, Matrimonial Services, and Daily life Apps. Now let's go through them.


iROID Technologies is one of the best software outsourcing companies in Kochi, Kerala. Here we have answers to your questions.



  • 1What differentiates iROID from its competitors?

    We train our fellowship members to present an excellent experience to deliver more helpful software every time.

  • 2Is there any hidden cost?

    No! We discuss your website elements and quote you the amount. After that, we adhere to that price.

  • 3Why should we hire iROID over a different agency?

    We have more than 5 years of experience in the software outsourcing field. Our clients choose us because of our unparalleled capabilities in delivering complex applications satisfying every requirement

  • 4How do you price your services?

    Pricing is built on a project basis or a payment schedule. Since the resource needs of every company are diverse, pricing for each project is customized.

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