What makes the software outsourcing company in India stand apart from others?


The enterprises and startups across the world, when thinking about outsourcing their work, the name that arises on top of the list is India. Outsourcing development works to India means they get high-quality output with lower cost, a huge pool of talents to choose from, and above all the team can experience seamless communication 24X7 in the English language itself. Today we can discuss some of the top reasons mentioning why software outsourcing companies in India have great popularity among developers abroad.

Every company and business will have a core operation to look after. To develop software or digital requirements for them placing in-house staff will be an expensive choice. Moreover, once you recruit in-house staff, then the responsibilities of business management will be spent on both the core functionality and the development process. Here comes the benefits of outsourcing. It is comparatively less expensive and the team in the company can look after their business activities with no interruptions in mid of it. 

We have several software outsourcing companies across the world. When we classify them geographically in Asia, the countries other than India are China and Japan. Similarly, Ukraine, Poland, Argentina, etc. are a few of the countries where software outsourcing is possible. Out of the whole list of why India, is what we are going to examine today.

Software outsourcing company in India

The IT industry in India is well known and the standard of the IT solutions provided by Indian developers are globally accepted. Here are the reasons why outsiders choose the Software outsourcing company in India for their business.

A great number of talents to choose from

India simply doesn't stand ahead in population. We have pretty much qualified and well-educated developers. The majority of the developers are either bachelor's degree holders or master's holders. Which indicates that the developer you choose will be adequately qualified. Besides, a preponderance of developers in India are youngsters aged between 25-35 years old. Both their education and age make the developers overcome any challenges they face with the best accuracy possible. Furthermore, the developers in India are dedicated to their work. They keep learning new skills and technologies and try hard to stay updated to provide the best solutions. India is not a place where you just have to settle down with developers, here you will get equally talented designers, project managers, testers, and anybody you may need to make the end-to-end software development possible and feasible.

Ease of communication

The whole world is interconnected today with the internet. And the advent of social media has made the connection a stronger bond. With social media, anyone around the world can establish a personal or professional connection and they can discuss anything relevant or irrelevant through their corresponding communication channel. The ease of communication here is the prevalence of the English language. Now, when speaking about India, our country is the second-largest English-speaking nation with millions of people who are fluent in English. When taking proficiency into account, in Asia India holds the 3rd position. In the case of outsourcing, communication ease is a great factor, and in India, there is no such barrier.

Lower cost

A software developer’s salary scale in India is much lower than that of the one in the US, UK, Canada, etc. so while outsourcing works to India, the expense associated with it is again lower. This factor was extremely helpful in making the software outsourcing company in India one of the best choices to make. Moreover, the developers hired for a particular software project will be belonging to a different hierarchy of development. Suppose a team consists of 4 developers who include 2 senior developers, 1 junior developer, and an intern. The salary scale for each individual will vary according to their skills and responsibilities to take over. Even this hierarch can reduce the overall cost required to complete the project.

Time zone

The time zone of India itself is an advantage. When we take a list of countries from where software outsourcing is possible and compare their time zones with India we find it pretty useful in working round the clock and giving the best productive output to the market. When your company has an in-house department and an offshore department to manage your business in locations like the USA, UK, etc. the business itself will be running 24X7 because while your team is resting we will have the offshore developers in India managing your business run.


The communication ease, low price, time zone, and any other factor would not be as attractive as it is today if the quality of the final product is not satisfactory. What holds the outsourcers connected with India is the high-quality work they receive from our developers at a very affordable price. The youngsters in India are always interested to learn more and new technologies- making them extremely skillful. And in India we have numerous software outsourcing companies, so to keep up with the competition, the quality they provide will always be above average. Our software outsourcing company in India will guarantee the highest quality at an affordable price. 


When India provides a high-quality software solution at a very fair price, with skilled developers to work, and minimal communication barrier- gradually our country has evolved into a software outsourcing hub. With an ample number of software development companies in several states, the outsourcing team has the freedom to choose from any part of our country. Being the best software outsourcing company in India for the past few years, iROID Technologies can be a worthy choice you could make.