Advantages of Laravel over other programming languages


PHP is a bit famous for quite some time now. It has been utilized over a group of facades for programming. Analyses show that PHP is the most promising programming language that is employed for Web Programming. You can utilize PHP for many types of web applications. In this article, we are heading to discuss the advantages of using a robust framework such as Laravel over just employing plain PHP for web programming.


Why employ a Framework over Plain PHP?


A framework provides you more authority over the web application

  • You do not have to document code or logic for the applications, most of the reasoning or code is built-in.
  • It promotes the reuse of code
  • You get all the advantages of using a framework for web applications such as robustness and safety
  • Most of the frameworks use PHP as their introductory programming language, therefore the usefulness of PHP is handed on to the framework.


There are many more advantages that are accepted when utilizing a framework over PHP. In this article, we are moving to examine a popular framework such as Laravel advantages over plain PHP


1) High Security:

There have been issues of multiple cyber attacks that have been taken the spot on web applications. In such circumstances, you require a robust framework to protect your web applications


One of the multiple important advantages of choosing Laravel over any other framework over PHP is its ability to supply high-class security. Laravel itself is an extremely secure framework that does not permit malware to run inside its domain. Malware cannot penetrate its web apps space. This indicates that your web apps are secured and safe. If you prefer Laravel you are free from unintentional or hidden SQL injections.


2) Improved Performance:

Another strong basis to determine Laravel is because of its power to provide outstanding execution of web applications. There have been times where amazing components and functionality have impacted the implementation of the sites. But at this point, Laravel has come up with mechanisms to increase the performance of these applications. The tools such as Memcached and Redis should be merged with the Laravel framework while designing the web apps and they have been creating things more comfortable for the developers to improve the web app performance.


 3) Powerful Authentication:

The Laravel PHP framework was created by Taylor Otwell with the exclusive purpose to allow web developers. He liked that the developers complete the web apps in a considerably faster method having more reasonable functionality. And one of the most demanding functionalities for web developers is to create the authentication for these web apps. Laravel makes it comfortable for web developers to invent the logic behind delivering entrance to authorized users.


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4) Open Source and Strong community:

Another advantage of picking Laravel is that it is open source. But this is sufficient for you to select Laravel over different frameworks. Laravel has a strong community of developers and development organizations that regularly as well as always provide help to make it even more relaxed as well as scalable.


So if your developer likes to bring onboard some complicated functionality, he/she is consistently open to taking masterful advice from the community and creating the app as per your requirements. In short, your app development does not cease despite the functionalities being intricate and you get what you want.


5) Blade Templating:

One of the major and practical features of Laravel is the blade templating engine. This engine lets web developers use predefined templates to write a specific piece of code. These templates do not determine the developers to write their own easy and simple PHP codes. These templates are involuntary, lightweight as well as active that allowing the developers to note code fast as well as smoothly. The major advantage of using the templating engine is that it drives your website lightweight without compromising on the execution of the same. 


6) Database Migration:

There is one more benefit of employing the Laravel framework is Migrations of databases. These migrations efficiently allow the developers to unfasten the modifications made to the database. Employing migrations the developers can readily share the database with other developers within the group efficiently and smoothly. This was not feasible earlier but different Laravel developers came up with such a talent. The pairing of these migrations confirms that the database is developed and maintained suitably without the necessity to recreate it. This keeps a lot of development time for your development process.


7) MVC Architecture:

The Laravel framework creates the use of the MVC architecture. Because of this, it is stated to be the most suitable framework for web development. MVC delivers built-in functionality, which the developers can create the most profitable use of while designing your web app. The MVC architecture delivers more acceptable documentation.



So you see the advantages of using a framework like Laravel clearly outways the system of utilizing simple PHP. The edges are abundant. And this proves that it is more comfortable to program using a Laravel framework than it is to operate with plain PHP to program any web application. If you’re examining to hire Laravel developers or are peeking to find PHP developers for your web project then do reach us. Or if you’re looking to hire PHP Programmers then do get us. You can likewise hire laravel developers in India we are here to unravel all your questions about bespoke web development.