What is Laravel and what are the advantages of using it for your project?


Laravel is a web app development framework with powerful and concise syntax that makes the whole web development process swift, more relaxed, and pleasant for developers by killing all the pain points connected with styling complex PHP code. It facilitates some of the generally performed tasks like routing, authentication, sessions, caching, and others so that developers can concentrate on building business-related characteristics of the app.


Benefits of Laravel Framework

Now, you must be questioning why your next website should be constructed in Laravel and what are the benefits of the Laravel framework over others? To get you excited, here are a few reasons why we recommend you should recognize Laravel for your next project:


It’s expeditious and manageable

Being the number one PHP framework indicates that Laravel is previously a framework with which most web developers are confidential; not to discuss the scope of built-in templates which make development more manageable and more comfortable for developers. This indicates if you hire Laravel developers in India, you could even produce a 5 or 6-page website in a day or two. A fast development time indicates lower costs and more expeditious results for the company.



Security is key

Security is the number one interest for most companies. With Laravel, advanced safety features are simple to configure on most websites to heighten security and preserve sites from hackers and cybercriminals. To get a few technical, Laravel practices a Bcrypt hashing algorithm which suggests it never collects any passwords in the database. Corresponding to other PHP frameworks, Laravel also has exceptional user authentication and regulated access features that are straightforward to create. This saves you and your customer’s data protection and security.


Better website performance

Unlike many other frameworks out beyond, Laravel supports caching for your website out-of-the-box which is excellent for expanding your site acceleration. Besides enhancing your website’s appearance, Laravel makes other speed optimization procedures, such as memory use reduction and database indexing really straightforward to complete. This makes Laravel an exceptional choice for your business if site activity and SEO friendliness are some of your obligations.


Great for Traffic-Handling

As your business evolves, so will the bulk of traffic to your site. A website developed in Laravel can manage website requests much faster than most other frameworks. Laravel uses a different message queue system, which implies you can put off some website tasks such as sending emails until a succeeding time. Being ready to control time-consuming tasks proposes your website can prepare tasks faster. And this not only retains your website’s server well but can also lower your hosting expenses in the long term.


Really Flexible

Laravel has the ability to build a fully-fledged eCommerce site or a single and acknowledged B2B site. Due to its widespread pre-installed authorization libraries, it can create and maintain a variety of advanced comments for your site, such as password reset and encryption. There are also a tonne of third-party packages prepared to give your website a series of features and functionalities, such as Socialite which allows users to sign in to your site using their social media contours should you wish to combine that option.


Easy third-party integrations

Almost every site wants to be combined with a third-party application of some sort. This may enter a payment system like Stripe or Paypal or a marketing tool that your business uses. Whatever the integration, Laravel makes combining third-party apps simple with its definite APIs for integration. So whether your website requires a payment system in the house or an automated tool to accomplish your marketing, Laravel is an influential contender.


Simple Website Maintenance

Commonly speaking, websites built under Laravel is easy to manage over time. So let’s assume, a few years down the line you want some supplementary articles added to your site (already built-in Laravel), a new developer can simply pick up from where your prior developers have left the site. Due to Laravel’s standout peculiarities, like clean code, MVC architecture (which separates logic and presentation), and OOP postulates, managing a Laravel site over time is very honest.


The cost of a Laravel Site

Related to some frameworks out there, Laravel is an open-source framework indicating that it is free to use in any project you choose at no charge at all. Of course, there is ever the cost to hire a Laravel developer in India to build your site (particularly if you know extremely little about coding). Development costs are additionally diminished as the time to build and sustain is less than some competing frameworks, providing a Laravel project to be more cost-effective in the lengthy run.




In summary, Laravel is a splendid choice for both developers and companies global. If you’re seeing to update your website, or utterly build a new one, then talk to our team to find the most suitable framework for your website. Do several people ask why Laravel is so successful? The only answer to it is because they like the silence of mind while developing web apps, and Laravel presents much more than one. No uncertainty, its ease-of-use, and quality have improved it gain enormous popularity but using this popular framework also flags the way for many other interests. Issues with other PHP frameworks have been well recognized, determined, and especially well-tested in the matter of Laravel. Hire Laravel developers in India from iROID Technologies and see what they can do to help your business.