Top 15 Tips To Improve App Conversion Rate in 2022


The goal of conversion rate optimization is to encourage potential customers to download your app or perform another action that increases their likelihood of using it frequently. One of the most important components of the software industry is how to increase app conversion rates, and app developers should be continually thinking about how to do this. You must comprehend user demands, the user wants, and how to convert visitors to your app store page into regular app users if you want to have high conversion rates.

It's not always simple to convert clients, and increasing app conversion rates isn't always easy either. Trend changes bring with them new opportunities and problems, thus your conversion approach needs to be continually improved. In order for you to stay ahead of the competition and increase sales from your current customer base, we've put together this list of the top 15 strategies for improving app conversion rates in 2022.

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15 Best Practices for Increasing App Conversion Rate

1. Pay Attention to the App's Top Activities

It's a serious issue if a user finds it difficult to do their key duties in your program. As a general guideline, you should make sure that users can complete their primary tasks with three taps or less after launch. It may seem like a lot, but consider how often you've had to search through 15 apps before finding one that met your needs. The likelihood that the response is "too many times to count" is high. Because there are so many apps vying for our attention, it's crucial to concentrate on your app's capacity to carry out a user's primary duties effectively and promptly.

Focus on your app's main features—the ones you are sure will be used frequently—instead of all of its functions, which can be overwhelming for consumers.

Advice for concentrating on the app's primary tasks

* Start with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that simply contains the essential components of your program, then add new features over time.

* When introducing new features to your app, pay particular attention to those that your consumers use most frequently using analytics.

* Make sure you are aware of the specifics that make each feature so beneficial to users. You can mention these advantages in your marketing campaigns (and throughout your app).

2. Make fluid UX flows 

Users want to know whether your software is effective. Ensure that the transitions between each function are logical and seamless. Considerably better, give people the option to personalize their experience so they won't need to switch tabs frequently. Create a collection of apps that operate well together rather than jam-packing too many features into one to avoid overwhelming users.

3. Make sure the main features of the app are simple to locate.

Numerous mobile apps hide their primary functionality and make users navigate through menus in order to get it. Avoid doing that. Users don't want a treasure hunt; they want a fast reward. You should make it simple for consumers to get extra features or options later on while giving them fast access to your most popular services.

Here are some pointers for doing it:

* The most popular features of your app should be located at the top or close to it in the menu so that users can quickly access them.

* Even if consumers have never used your app before, you may still assist them in immediately recognizing and identifying those functions by using detailed and prominent icons.

You may easily hire app developers in India who have the necessary expertise to guarantee a fluid user experience (UX) that enables users to quickly access the essential functionality.

4. Showcase your app's screenshots in app stores

Offering app screenshots on the app store increases your brand's reputation and user trust. Snap pictures of your application in several app shops, such as the Google Play store. By demonstrating that your program is accessible in several different locations and languages, you will also be able to draw in additional people. It's possible that your users won't speak your language or be reluctant to download an app from a foreign nation. As a result, by letting people know that your program is accessible everywhere, they might be more inclined to download it. You can also use programs like Screenshot Builder to have these images generated for you automatically.

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5. Make the App's First Impression Engaging 

The importance of first impressions has always been acknowledged. They are much more important today. Due to the abundance of options available to users, there is the fierce rivalry. How can you ensure that consumers will download and desire to use your app?

Here are some pointers for making a positive first impression:

* Make your app stand out from others in its category by using intriguing animations and designs.

* Customers should be aware of the purpose and advantages of your app before they even start the download process.

* Clarify in your description whether you're aiming for a specific demographic so those who don't fit the bill won't waste their time downloading an app they won't use or like.

* Explain to consumers what they may get from a free program and what they will need to pay for if they want more features.

* Inform people of the price of any paid applications you are offering.

* In order for users to discover more about you and receive any answers they might need before downloading, include a link to your website.

6. Make Use of Video Tutorials and How-To Guides

People want instructions on how to use your app, so provide them with brief and simple-to-understand videos. You may even make videos that are focused on useful features if there are any. These videos can be immediately posted on your app store page or, if you have one set up, on a different YouTube channel.

According to Statista, instructional videos and tutorials are popular among people of all ages. Therefore, it is not a good idea to ignore tutorial videos, especially if you work in a difficult industry like bitcoin trading, cryptocurrency exchanges, or other ones where you have to convey ideas to your customers. As you can see, video marketing has taken on a significant role in online business. Use video marketing if you want to promote your app and increase downloads. 

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7. Keep Registration Screens as Simple as Possible 

A reputable app development business will simplify registration screens for the project's success. Simplify your sign-up/sign-in screens as much as you can if you want to increase the conversion rate for your apps. For example, when you’re on Facebook or Twitter, without providing much information, you can rapidly sign up. They are aware that numerous procedures are not necessary for the majority of people to create an account.

8. Keep it Simple with Wireframes

If a mobile app is unclear, customers frequently remove it from their devices. Give users what they need in a clear manner; they don't have time to learn complicated interfaces. If you can rapidly and effectively communicate your product using wireframes, you're on the right route. Keep things simple and basic with wireframes to make sure your UX is prepared for the increased investments that businesses are making in their online presence. Drawing a wireframe The best wireframing programs are Balsamiq, Fluid UI, and Justinmind which you can use. 

9. Choose the Correct App Store

According to Forbes, there are more than 8.9 million apps available worldwide. There are millions of prospective customers out there, which means there is a lot of competition when it comes to reaching users. Everything depends on how committed you are and how much marketing you want to do. For instance, if your product or service is more dependent on sales, you'll need more people to sell it, thus you'll probably do better with larger app stores like Google Play or iTunes than with smaller ones.

Overall, it could have a big effect on how profitable your company is. Therefore, while launching your app, it's important to determine the audience's preference for the preferred app market. If you don't target the right app store, you can have to pay high marketing expenses.

10. Refrain from constant notifications

According to statistics, within seven days of release, users of apps that repeatedly notify them can drop by as much as 60%. Instead of overwhelming your customers with too many different messages, try concentrating on one key action you want them to complete when using your app. By doing this, you may avoid confusing your audience and maintain their attention on the task at hand.

Here are a few tips to stay different with notifications.

* Consider using in-app notifications, which show up inside the app rather than as a banner or pop-up on users' displays. They are far more unobtrusive and won't interfere with users' interactions with your app. You can achieve this by using third-party services like Urban Airship to send push notifications.

* The secret is to provide users with pertinent information when they require it. To find out what information users are seeking in your app and when they want it, you should use analytics tools like Localytics and Google Analytics. Notifications that deliver information when users want it most can be scheduled (i.e., right after completing a purchase).

* Try reminding consumers with push notifications that you are available and prepared to assist them on their birthdays or after they have been idle for a while. It is a fantastic technique to pique customers' interest in your app and brand once more.

* Using photos instead of text in your notifications is another method to be inventive because it can raise click-through rates by up to 23%.

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11. Improve Your Sources of Traffic

You want your app's traffic to be of excellent quality and interested in what you have to offer. Finding conversion channels will eventually result in a significantly greater ROI (return on investment), however, it may take some time. If customers are arriving from affiliate links or email campaigns but aren't interested in your service, it can be worthwhile to invest some money in other forms of promotion. Just keep in mind that they won't be content if you make them feel as though they were conned into getting something they don't desire.

Utilize app store optimization as well. Although the position of your app in search results is out of your control, you can optimize it to appear as high as possible. This necessitates having a compelling title and description with keywords that readers are probably going to look for. Make sure your program has a catchy symbol and clear screenshots that describe what it does. Also, remember to read user reviews! Positive feedback will encourage more people to download your app. In addition to all of these, make sure you always offer incentives to consumers to effectively increase the app conversion rate.

12. Achieve and Display Excellent Ratings Through Outstanding App Performance

A positive user experience can mean many different things. Good performance is the first step in increasing app conversion rates in stores. If your app is well-rated, you'll get more visibility and organic downloads. An app might, for instance, have features that keep users wanting to see what comes next or be really simple to use. Choose whichever feature boosts user engagement and advertise it through all available channels.

Some of the top aspects of high app performance include:

Speed: Every second matters, and how quickly your app loads is important to how users will interact with it. Users are more likely to remain around, use, and rate your app positively if it loads quickly. Nobody wants to waste time waiting for an app to load when they could be surfing Facebook or Instagram instead.

Usability: As we are all aware, usability is closely related to an intuitive and simple user experience. After all, consumers will become irritated and uninstall an app if it is difficult to use or complicated in any manner.

Friendly Design: Apps that are easy to use and straightforward will always prevail over those that are difficult to use or otherwise complicated. The user interface (UI) should assist users in achieving their goals quickly and effectively while eliminating any potential inconveniences in order to increase the app conversion rate.

13. Extend to Additional Platforms, Devices, and Nations

Cross-platform marketing has always been crucial for mobile, but in 2022 it will be even more crucial. Scaling to accommodate many platforms and devices is no longer only a way to get a competitive edge; without a mobile-first approach, you might not even have one. Creating apps for other platforms (like wearables) or releasing your app in foreign markets can both considerably increase revenue as long as they are a part of a comprehensive strategy. But make sure you clear your mind from 5 Common Myths About App Development.

14. Provide Rewards for Social Media Content Sharing

Driven by social media sharing incentives, research reveals that one of your app's conversion goals should be to increase app downloads. You may encourage new installs by making sharing extremely simple with social media buttons or even by providing special advantages when users post information on social media. Take a look at Dropbox's referral program as an illustration: Each person who installs Dropbox using your exclusive link receives more storage space, and you do too!

15. Pay Attention to Localization

It's critical to understand that your app will appeal to quite different demographics around the world. Your app needs to be tailored for each market and language you intend to target. The most crucial aspect is to provide local users with a tailored experience. Any marketing plan for an app should take into account the language, culture, tastes, and expectations of users from each location. In Russia or China, where people are more acclimated to diverse forms of content and interaction, a U.S.-based design template including locals will fail outright.

The best strategy for avoiding failure is to develop a unique version of your product that is intended only for regional markets. It includes handling translation, graphic development (if required), cultural adaptation, and channel-specific promotion. It's not as difficult as it may seem; app developing experts at iROID Technologies are specialized in such projects.

Wrapping Up

Make sure that consumers can simply locate your app if you have one by investing in app store optimization. You must make sure that your Android and iOS designs are strong. Additionally, it's crucial to make sure your software has a top-notch advertisement on reputable websites and social media platforms. If you take into account all of these factors, you can simply increase the app conversion rate. Additionally, it's crucial to periodically update your software with new features and functionalities. If you don't, consumers will lose interest in installing your application, which will result in a sharp decline in conversion rate. Thus, connecting with iROID Technologies to hire app developers in India can help you ensure positive results. 


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