WhatsApp Bug Deletes Old Messages

World’s most popular instant messenger WhatsApp acknowledged a new bug that deletes old messages. Many of the users reported this issue through social media and one of the WhatsApp spokesman reported that “We are aware of this bug and currently working on this issue and it will be resolved soon to the users affected”.WABeta is a website that keeps WhatsApp information has shared the screenshot of users that complained about this bug.

In August 2018 WhatsApp announced that they are going to delete our WhatsApp messages unless if you backup those messages in Google Drive over a year. This means if you are using WhatsApp in a particular smartphone and not backed up over a year then your messages will get deleted by WhatsApp.

Also, users that signed in Google Drive with WhatsApp has not backed up regularly over a year can also lose the messages. The deadline for this manual backup was November 12 2018.WhatsApp also announced that these backups won’t count with the Google Drive storage quota.

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