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Web Development in 2022: Trends, Myths, and Mistakes


Blog posts with such terms always implore to readers: what if understanding about the blunders of others and current trends will assist you to boost the development of your app or improve your skills? It certainly would be awesome.

So in this post, as one of the top IT companies in Kochi delivering skilled web development services, we hovered our engineering team and graciously asked them to give their opinions on their scope of expertise. You're reading the result of this experiment.

However, as we were exploring additional realities, we detected that most of the identical articles are full of questionable statements and simply inaccurate assumptions. So this moment, we'll have three checklists:


  • What modern web development is NOT regarding
  • Common missteps of today's web developers
  • Current and forthcoming trends of web development

What web development is NOT about(myths)

We were surprised to discover a lot of data about web application programming tendencies that either have no explicit relation to the web or are no longer up-to-date. Therefore we believe it’s critical to comment on some of the concepts you might find in other comparable articles on the subject.

Serverless architecture. This course is great for prototyping and building apps so diminutive they will never need additional development and growth. And in the possibility of the latter, the web developer will be compelled to switch from serverless to containers or API, and that control will be rather involved and costly. So why begin with serverless architecture in the foremost place?

Blockchain. We envision this technology might be valuable in the area of certificate authenticity reviews. Other than that, it's thoroughly unrelated to web development.

Internet of Things. As you understand, this is an umbrella term for things that are crowded with electronics to swap data with servers via the Internet. Thus you can accomplish web development for IoT projects, but you can't utilize IoT for web development.

Virtual Reality. Although it might be a current tendency, say, in the gaming industry, VR will most likely never come to web development. Explanations for that? VR requires pricey equipment on the user side, and supplies should always show tremendous performance for real-time rendering. So VR for the web won’t be caught as a mainstream direction – at least, not anytime shortly.

Mistakes modern web developers create

In this list, we noted blunders that we’ve been making periodically, but mostly these are the missteps we have been discovering in the existing projects that we were invited to review, enhance, or correct.  

Use the latest tools ASAP. The number one oversight is to consider that the most recent technologies and methods guarantee you a competitive edge. Yet the latest stuff is also often untested, unforeseen, and simply too difficult to train in real business projects. (But employing the same technologies year over year without understanding anything new is also a method too conventional to prevail on the market.)

Unscalable architecture. A blunder that we meet in every little project is its architecture that scales inadequately. Yes, periodically this approach helps provide small apps faster, but once new provisions appear, you'll start paying inadequate amounts of time just to uphold this architecture in a good and working state. And even then you'll get reproduced code and hard-to-find bugs, and counting new constituents will become a nuisance in the neck.

Non-responsive layout. Occasionally we encounter projects with web front end that are not adaptive. It is OK to bypass the mobile views for the very early performances of the web product. Yet once the mobile version conditions appear, it is consistently much more straightforward to implement them if your code was originally written with the knowledge of how you're going to combine your ingredients for the mobile screens in mind.

Overcomplicated design. It might not be the natural fault of web developers, but sometimes the backed startup website design is so cultured or unusual that you might be unpleasantly stunned by the cost of the performance of that button glowing with all colors of the rainbow.

Any web developer will make errors every now and then, that's our human character. Yet we hope that with the index above we'll help you or your team make rarer heavy mistakes in your subsequent project.

Top 2 Web Development Trends For 2022

After a long contemplation of the trends represented by our web app developers, we learned we can familiarize the next three trends for 2022.

1. Progressive Web Applications

PWAs are web applications created using a variety of particular technologies and established patterns to enable them to utilize both web and native app functionalities. For instance, web applications are easier to find than native apps; visiting a website is much quicker and easier than downloading an app; and you may share web apps by emailing a link.

Native apps, on the other hand, offer users a more smooth experience because they are better integrated with the operating system. Users prefer pressing their icons to immediately access their favorite apps rather than using a browser to find them. You can install a native app so that it runs offline.

PWAs enable us to develop web applications that can benefit from these similar advantages. It's not a brand-new idea; similar concepts have already been explored in great detail using a variety of methods on the web platform. Our ability to create websites that are mobile-friendly already comes from responsive design and progressive enhancement. PWAs, however, offer all of this and more without sacrificing any of the current web-enhancing capabilities.

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Mathematician Alan Turing altered history once more with a straightforward query: "Can machines think?" Less than ten years after assisting the Allied Forces in winning World War II by cracking the Nazi encryption device Enigma.

The core aim and vision of AI were defined by Turing's 1950 work "Computing Machinery and Intelligence" and the subsequent Turing Test.

Fundamentally, artificial intelligence (AI) is the area of computer science that seeks to positively respond to Turing's challenge. The goal of this project is to recreate or reproduce human intellect in machines. The broad objective of AI has sparked a lot of discussions and inquiries. In fact, no single definition of the field is widely acknowledged.

Bottom line

To understand more about the current condition of web development, you can also inspect the services and technologies that we provide.

But no trend, tool, or crib sheet alone can complete your web product trustworthy, secure, and typically successful. What counts most is the valuable experience and expertise of your engineers in creating similar products. And that is occasionally you can review only through personal communication with the prospect team for your project.

For that case, our web development assistance company suggests a free talk with our experts and business critics in your industry. If you have a project to work on, we are one of the top IT companies in Kochi where you can examine its potential pitfalls and possibilities and see the pathways it can be done within your budget and timeframe.