Reasons to Budget for IT Automation in 2017

When the IT processes you depend on fall apart, your entire business suffers. IT departments are frequently deal with similar challenges: idle budgets and a lack of qualified applicants. Despite the lack of resources, IT continues to face increased strain to push out new operations faster and make changes to existing systems agile to stay competitive. Simple errors like a file arriving late or a piece of equipment failing but unnoticed can interrupt workflow and may cause costly problems eventually.

IT automation is the connecting of software and disparate systems in such a way that they become self-acting or self-regulating which helps companies coordinate and consolidate IT department. These reduces the whole manual actions needed within a workflow and minimize time spent on repetitious jobs. It helps focus on mission critical work and the risk of error is highly reduced.

To keep everything running smoothly, automation is key. As artificial intelligence technology continues to improve, companies have more options than ever to automate many tasks in their business, allowing reports and notifications to alert them to problems. An example of IT automation in practice might be as simple as the integration of a form into a PDF that is automatically routed to the correct recipients, or as complex as automated provisioning of an offsite backup.

More companies are contributing on automation to increase the efficiency of processes. But for an IT automation strategy to be successful, it’s important to start with clear, well defined goals. The aim of IT automation is to ultimately demonstrate a stable ROI; there can be a fairly significant investment on the front when set up IT automation software, systems or infrastructure.

For analytics teams and data scientists to make wise decisions in real or near real-time, as well as uncover trends and patterns that help built long-term business decisions, they need a way make the data usable. This means preparing, organizing, presenting and finally, archiving the data. This is where many data engineers turn to Hadoop.

IT automation solutions, which saves time and reduces the number of errors that come from relying solely on custom scripts as they have pre-built and tested logic to automate processes that deal with structured and unstructured data. This makes it possible to promptly get the right information to reach right decision makers. In turn, more skilled decisions mean better outcomes for a company’s bottom line.

Ultimately, companies that invest in automation for IT operations management in 2017 will be nimbler and better able to position themselves within a globally competitive business environment. They will be able to preempt technology-based customer concerns and keep critical services running smoothly while easily supporting the growing demands of a growing business. When customers have a positive experience, they spread the word. Companies get better and bigger.

Automation helps to keep companies in improving accountability and communication.

Communication breakdown often happens between departments. Someone sends an email or elevates a ticket, and then loses access to the information. Automated reporting can set deadlines for response, and alert designated parties if something has gone too long without a response. This improves customer services and makes sure that companies don’t miss windows of opportunity to act because of communication delays.

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