5 questions to ask before you hire a PHP developer


Once you have determined to make your business website, then you must take care of the troubles related to it. The market is full of unpredictable companies that only stand to make people cheat with their half-baked wisdom. Their only slogan is to earn money as broadly as they can. So, it would be more useful if you cross-check their capacities in PHP web development before employing them as your direct agency/company.


In this blog post, I have noted the top 5 crucial questions to ask your developer. Make certain that you will not overlook any one of them. 

5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a PHP Developer

Creating a business website is a difficult undertaking so you have additional caution while hiring a PHP Developer. You ought to have a well-planned approach to bypass any kind of accident. Selecting the proper PHP developer from a respectable company is a critical part of this approach. This is a type of task that ought to be tracked appropriately. For finding out a “solid candidate” to produce your website, you should do some homework willingly. Read the leading 5 critical questions that you should question before hiring a PHP programmer-


1. How much work knowledge he actually has?

PHP is a widely-used programming language to create a website. You can find that several online websites are deployed in this language. Ask your PHP developer how many websites he has produced in his profession? He performed for any top PHP Web Development Company? etc. Always try to hire a professional developer. As no one can be a specialist in PHP until he has rich-working knowledge in PHP.

Ask your developer to reveal his past work models to you. After seeing those examples you can get an opinion of how much you can predict from that developer. After all, a solid experience will make a strong ground for your project. So the prospect that has rich knowledge in running PHP projects, would be an exemplary alternative for you.


2. What technical abilities he has? What is his forte?

The second inquiry is- what technical capabilities your developer has. A web developer must know better than one programming language and technology. He must be an ace in his base language but count me that is not sufficient for a PHP programmer. Sometimes it’s appropriate to know more than one programming language. 

Also ask your employed PHP programmer, on which PHP framework he typically works on. Whether that framework fits your project or not. If it does not serve you, then which would be the most acceptable technology for your assignment. Is he satisfied working on that precise technology that is not his thing?


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3. What kind of technical challenges he has faced at work? And how does he deal with them?

Put a query to ask his most significant technical challenges at the job. It delivers his philosophy towards the hardships he has faced. A powerful candidate tells you how dashingly he can endure all the stones thrown at him.

Unlike front-end developers who are additionally concerned about how quickly a website can load on a user’s device, PHP developers are accountable to store customer data securely. So, it might be feasible that he will discover it hard to handle the continuous rivulet of feedback from his clients. Ask how he negotiates with them, his response will make you certain how much he is concerned about his client’s happiness.


4. What are his work commitments?

You have no indication of how significant this question is. The work commitments which are appointed to a PHP developer will give you a core representation of the candidate personas like his aptitude in multitasking, his technical mastery, and his inventiveness. Understanding all this, you can get the picture of whether that developer is the one whom you can depend on. I am not stating that he should be a multi-tasker. Whereas he should give the perfect result whatever is give it over to him. He can have a few handful tasks given to him but he should conduct those.


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5. Will he also supply you with maintenance assistance? Ask about his expenses.

This question is basically required to ask before completing this interrogation. It is the lore that you only need a developer until you will obtain your app or website created. Your essential task will start behind it. As it is difficult to maintain an e-commerce website for a common man without bringing any specialized help from a developer. Normally, businesses don’t even be conscious of the technical problems, they will face after their website has been undertaken. Your most significant issue would be how to negotiate with real data and real protection. So later on, you will need the benefit of your PHP developer.



Hiring an individual is not a cup of tea. You will require to put on some additional steps in finding a professional developer. Before you make a definitive decision, these are the fundamental questions that must be asked by you to your PHP developer. So don’t pause to ask them all. I am confident that this pre-planned interrogation will be valuable to you to see an excellent developer for your business.

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Frequently asked Questions

Who is a PHP developer?
Simply put, a PHP developer is a professional who creates software, websites, and applications using PHP, a dynamic programming language.

What does a PHP developer do?
A PHP developer uses JavaScript, MySQL, Ajax, and PHP to design and implement a variety of Web-based products.

Is PHP developer a good job?
But if you can master PHP, you have the ability to make a lot of money because highly skilled PHP developers are in demand. Because of this popularity, there are many job opportunities available. The fact that PHP works well with other skills and languages is another motivation to learn it.