Mac os big sur - All you need to know


The subsequent version of macOS has landed, and it's a huge one that was well-received following the day it was declared. macOS Big Sur encompasses many interesting new and enhanced characteristics beginning with its renewed look. Here in today's article, we will have a look at what's different on Mac.

What's new with macOS 11 Big Sur?

Apple has revived the design for macOS significantly. Mail and Photos seem much like iOS/iPadOS, and Notification Center comprises a single view for the initial time. Here is all you need to know about Mac OS Big Sur.

Design changes

The update is considered to be the biggest design upgrade since the initiation of Mac OS X, Big Sur has more comfortable navigation and more controls for users. Everything here has been perfected, from the curving of window corners to the palette of shades and materials.


  • Icons in the Dock have been produced to be more harmonious with icons at the Apple ecosystem.
  • Buttons and controls now resemble when wanted and shrink when they aren't needed.
  • A customizable menu bar incorporates an all-new Control Center that delivers fast access to commands from the desktop. 
  • A modernized Notification Center introduces a new design and stresses both alerts and widgets in a unique view. Notifications are now classified according to the app, and a few of these are also interactive.

Notable App changes

Safari: The native web browser introduces a notable update in macOS Big Sur. Innovations include a privacy report for each site toured and password administering. Safari now uses tracking blocking to know and limit would-be trackers from profiling or tracking you beyond the web. The latter coordinates known security breaches and bestows you had to replace your modified passwords.

Extensions have also been renewed, and you can now determine which sites are permitted to access these extensions and for how lengthy. Extensions now have a further outstanding place in the Mac App Store.

You'll also notice a custom Home page hallmark in Safari that combines the capability to add shortcuts, your Reading List, and more. Built-in language interpretation has also been attached. Apple also ensures an enhanced tab design.

Lastly, Apple says the following version of Safari is 50 percent quicker than Chrome in loading times and more power-effective.

Messages on the Mac: After Safari, Messages is the native app that got the most maximum changes. Most of the innovations come from iOS/iPad, but not completely.

With pinned conversations, you can place your favorite discussions at the tip of the screen. You'll also find features like tap backs, typing indicators, and recent messages animations other than the pins.

Meanwhile, with inline replies, you can now reply straight to individual messages in any discussion. In doing so, a different thread under the initial reply automatically gets begun.

Messages also now incorporate group photos, trending images and GIFs, effects, highlighted allusions in group chats, and ultimately the Memoji.

Eventually, the app offers a different take on exploration. It's more lasting and more comfortable to use and now makes your results into links and photos and highlights equaling terms.

Apple Maps: On Mac, you'll discover a different version and design. It offers all-new models from committed resources and the capability to create your own. These models can include your preferred restaurants, playgrounds, and holiday spots. Apple Maps for Mac also now incorporates detailed indoor maps of significant airports and purchasing centers. Cycling and electric vehicle journeys can now be routed on a Mac and mailed directly to the iPhone to hold when on the go.

Mac App Store gives new secrecy tools in macOS Big Sur. For each available app, you'll find a version of its developer's privacy applications before you download it. Like nutritional labels, you'll learn what information each app assembles and whether that data is utilized across other apps and websites.

Other differences

The macOS Big Sur update introduces other helpful new peculiarities. Let us have a look at them. These include:


  • AirPod device switching indicates your tunes will move with you across all your active Apple devices, so you're constantly using the one nearest to you.
  • The Photos app has extra editing tools, including an enhanced Retouch tool powered by machine learning.
  • Listen Now is the new base for Apple Music, starring new releases, artist interviews, and playlists personalized for you.
  • Cameras that support HomeKit Secure Video can presently utilize facial recognition and activity zones, letting you tailor notifications to particular people or distinct areas in your camera's scene.
  • A more intelligent Siri also anticipates you in macOS Big Sur as the voice partner adds more web experience.


Over the years, Apple has done a fabulous job of not drooling the name of the most current version of macOS. This year, it once again kept reserved before the formal macOS 11 Big Sur disclosure. You can find the comprehensive list of macOS Big Sur highlights on the Apple website.

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