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10 Latest Technology Trends That Are Evolving the Mobile App Development Industry


The market for developing mobile applications is growing quickly. You need to familiarise yourself with the shifting trends in mobile app development if you want to survive and thrive in this digitally Darwinian era. Today, the smartphone is essential for the success of digital media. It fundamentally alters marketplaces, operating patterns, and business models at a startling rate. The mobile app market is anticipated to generate $693 billion in sales by 2022.

Another unsettling fact is that most mobile apps are unsuccessful. The main cause of this failure is the inability to monitor and use the most recent advancements in mobile app technology. Due to this flaw, the company also loses out to a rival who can adapt to new technologies more easily. Working on and putting a few mobile app development suggestions into practice will greatly enhance your app.

Being aware of the mobile app development trends for 2022 is the first step in making your mobile app successful. We being an app development company in India try to give here more detail about a few of these new trends.



We know evidently that AR and VR are super cool in games and it is one of the latest technology trends. However, we have reached a stage that AR and VR are not anymore utilized just in games. These technologies are used in various verticals like healthcare, marketing, advertising, manufacturing, etc. By using them in maps and apps like Snapchat, we can be extremely certain that AR and VR are the most promising technologies that one should hold on to in the mobile app development industry.



There may be only a few who haven’t yet heard about IoT. Still, there are many around us not knowing what exactly IoT is and where it is applicable. In simple terms, IoT is a collection of connected devices that can send and receive data to make our lives better. It is widely applicable in areas like healthcare, home appliances, etc. The major purpose of using IoT is to make our daily life routine easier.



Ai and ML are another latest technology trends that have brought differences to our life. One big example of the combination of both is Siri. Calling Siri to make a phone call or set an alarm is the new way of doing things that we usually practiced doing manually. Chatbots are another example of AI. We have reached a stage where a website without a chatbot to communicate with its visitors is considered to be not following the trends.


Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps deliver an almost complete mobile app experience to their users. But contrary to the mobile apps, these don’t need to be installed from app stores or require any notable amount of physical storage space in your device. Progressive web apps can run directly from the browser and even run without the Internet. Many companies like Alibaba and Flipkart have successfully incorporated PWAs into their website platforms and have acquired significant advantages out of it.


5G Technology

We’re currently at the development period between 4G and 5G. And as 5G technology is converting into a real thing, it’s only obvious that development companies will take the multi-GBs top speed of 5G into attention when developing apps—and this anticipates that in quite a few years from now, the customer experience will be drastically distinctive than previously.


Mobile wallets

It is apparent that the demand for mobile wallets is on a surge, and with security signifying the topmost interest among developers, the practice of mobile wallets is only continuing to increase in the year 2021. Frictionless payment methods are what present consumers love to see in the mobile apps that they work on. As a result, in 2021, both mobile wallets and payment gateway integration that allow the highest level of secured encryption will suit mainstream in all sorts of mobile apps.



The world has now started stirring up to the advantages as well as opportunities that Cloud has to offer. For example, decreasing costs in hosting, increased loading capacity, and modernized business operations are only a few goods Cloud provides. These days, many security-related concerns are being resolved with the help of the Cloud, making mobile app development more stable, safe, and fast.



Since its first debut, blockchain development has opened up a world of more modern & exciting possibilities in the IT sector. While in 2018, we all mostly discussed the use of blockchain in generating cryptocurrencies and smart arrangements only. But in reality, blockchain is more valuable than you can ever guess. In simple terms, Blockchain is demanded to contribute more to the mobile app industry by producing the mobile app itself decentralized, just as bitcoin’s blockchain did for cash.


Wearable and foldable devices

There is no uncertainty about the case that the market of wearable technology is undergoing accelerated growth. In fact, according to Gartner,  wearable gadgets are demanded to reach over $81.5 billion by the end of 2021, an 18.1% jump from the previous year, which indicates there is not only the number of investment devoted to the wearable market but in the future, the word wearable devices will convert just as extravagant as the word smartphone right now is.


On-demand apps

The “On-demand business” model was once accepted to be called inevitable bubble-like mobile apps. But now, On-demand is the future. The truth is, almost all businesses have welcomed on-demand like an old friend, and no industry is operating to let go of such a thriving business model in 2021. According to statistics, 42% of the adult community has used at least one on-demand help. And, there is no indication that this on-demand trend is moving to fade away anytime shortly.



We being one of the top mobile app development company in India strongly believe that tarrying up-to-date with the most advanced trends as well as technologies is the key to reaching up with ever-changing consumer demands as well as the game. In other words, we believe that with this blog, you can take great perspicacity for the latest technology trends for 2021.