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Is ChatGPT A Threat To Developers?


There are some rumours about the high likelihood of ChatGPT replacing Tech positions. Will this device develop into a menace or a human virtual assistant? No language model, including ChatGPT, is expected to displace programmers in the near future. chatGPT can never provide you with services like a mobile app development company in Kochi.

Language models like ChatGPT are designed to assist with activities involving natural language processing and produce text that appears to have been produced by a person depending on the information provided. 

What is ChatGPT?

The goal of ChatGPT, a brand-new chatbot that makes use of artificial intelligence, is to work the same as programmers. The bot can communicate with developers to help them repair faults in their code because it has been taught programming language. The developers of a chatGPT are certain that one day it will be able to perform all of the tasks of a coder.

Any programming language's code should be able to be understood and fixed by ChatGPT. The bot has thus far been successful in assisting Python and JavaScript programmers in fixing flaws in their programs. The bot will eventually learn other languages including Java and C++, according to the developers. If ChatGPT is a success, it may alter how software is created and make programming simpler for all users.

What Does ChatGPT Do?

The bot is designed to comprehend natural language and respond to it. Businesses can automate operations connected to customer support, sales, and marketing with the aid of ChatGPT. Additionally, difficult-to-understand programming tasks can be handled by the bot.

The great support feature of ChatGPT poses no threat to the employment of software engineers. Like any AI, Chat GPT is only as good as the ability of the users to tune it and make use of the data it produces to enhance its work. Additionally, it means that proficient software engineers can devote the time they would have spent coding, searching for information, or testing to planning and strategizing in order to enhance the general user experience. Also, read about the qualities of successful app developers.

What are the Possibilities of ChatGPT Replacing Programmers?

ChatGPT can translate descriptions from natural language into code. Programmers would no longer need to write code because ChatGPT already does it. Because ChatGPT can help programmers save a tonne of time, it should be used. Instead of writing out code, ChatGPT performs everything for them. This might substantially speed up the software development process and make it simpler for non-programmers to create software.

Another advantage is that ChatGPT might produce better code than humans. It has been demonstrated that it can perform some tasks—such as bug fixing—better than programmers. This implies that it might contribute to the development of more dependable and effective software.

It goes without saying that ChatGPT has its drawbacks as well. The first is that it's still in the early stages of development, so bugs and other issues are probably there. Another issue is that they might not be as intelligent or as creative as people.

Overall, ChatGPT could potentially be used to replace programmers in a variety of settings. In some circumstances, it may generate better code and save time than humans. But because the technology is still in its early days, there are still some things it cannot do.

What are the benefits of using ChatGPT?

 You can get assistance from ChatGPT, a chatbot, with programming tasks. It's designed to simplify your life by lending a helping hand when you most need it. The following are some justifications for using ChatGPT:

1. You can save time with ChatGPT.

If you are experiencing problems with a programming task, ChatGPT can help you do it more quickly. It frees up your time so that you can concentrate on what's actually essential by completing the tedious work for you.

2. You can increase your productivity with ChatGPT.

You can accomplish more overall by using ChatGPT to assist you with your coding duties. This is because it enables you to concentrate on the more crucial aspects of your business while the chatbot handles the less crucial ones.

3. You can learn new things with ChatGPT.

One of ChatGPT's biggest features is the ability to assist you in learning new things. ChatGPT can assist you in comprehending a particular concept in an understandable manner if you're having problems doing so.

As a result, you will be able to pick up new programming concepts more quickly, which will make you a better programmer. 

What are the disadvantages of utilizing ChatGPT? 

* ChatGPT has certain drawbacks. 

* Because this is still a beta version, there may be bugs.

* The fact that it is a closed-source project and the community is not permitted to  participate in its development is the second problem.

* Due to its relatively low usage compared to other open-source chatbots, users can have fewer resources available.

Uses for ChatGPT 

Then, will ChatGPT eliminate the need for authors and programmers? No! It's an extremely cool piece of technology, though. It's very enjoyable. I'm overjoyed that this is taking place. Whether we are programmers or content creators, it allows us to concentrate more on the creative aspects of our work and not have to worry about tedious duties that a machine could complete. Choosing the right software development methodology is not always easy, reach out to our blog to know further about it.

You might use ChatGPT to find information if you're a writer. As a result, you don't use the copy it produces. Before you begin creating your own text, you may need to conduct some research to get the answer to a question.

Programmers frequently utilize Google to locate brief parts of code. Why make an effort to understand something that many others have already figured out? You can integrate the solutions you find with ChatGPT into your software project after it has taken you a long time to figure them out on your own.

You can take the following actions to reassure your clients that you are not writing code using ChatGPT:-

Provide documentation: Keep thorough records that describe the steps taken to create the code, along with who was involved and what each person's role was.

Offer Transparency: Give customers access to the team that wrote the code, the development process, and the code itself.

Use Code Signing: Sign with the code to show that the code is authentic and unaltered by adding a digital signature.

Make use of version control: To keep track of code changes and prove that numerous people contributed to its development, use a version control system like Git.

Keep track of human involvement: Keep track of any documentation related to human involvement in the development process, including meeting minutes, design documents, and code review reports.

By carrying out these steps, you can show that the code was created by humans and not artificial intelligence (AI) and the level of care and competence that went into its creation.


ChatGPT is not a substitute for programmers. Although ChatGPT is a potent language model that can produce text that resembles human speech, it is not intended to take the position of programmers. While it can help with activities like code generation and testing, it still needs oversight from humans in order to function properly and deliver correct results. Programming also entails problem-solving, design, testing, debugging, and maintenance, all of which call on human intelligence and creativity. Programming also involves more than just writing code. 

To sum up, at iROID Technologies, we have a strong belief in the efficacy of human knowledge and creativity when it comes to producing code. We think that human engagement is crucial for developing high-quality, dependable code that satisfies the objectives of our clients, despite the fact that AI and language models like ChatGPT have achieved substantial advancements in the field of code creation. Our team of talented programmers is committed to producing enduring code that is clear, well-documented, and manageable. Hire mobile app developers in India from us as we are able to guarantee that our clients obtain the best quality software solutions that satisfy their specific needs and expectations by relying on the experience of our human programmers.