10 Reasons Why Flutter is the New in Mobile App Development


Flutter the name is too common nowadays, and of course, we have a solid reason for this. In simple terms, we can say that Flutter is a perfect combination of cross platform and native development elements. Be it the user-friendly UI or easy integration with other popular frameworks, Flutter has gained immense popularity by the end of 2019. In this article, I intend to examine the top ten reasons why one should use Flutter for mobile app development. 


Of course, this is the topmost reason why developers choose Flutter. Being an open-source Flutter makes it much easier in raising the issues and accessing the documentation from Google, etc. and the developers can evolve themself, increase their efficiency and productivity while they finish each app development process in less time and cost spent.

Single codebase

Here comes the advantage of cross-platform app development. When developing an app on native platforms each platform you will have to write different code. So you may require more time, money, and developers specialized in each platform to write the code. However, with Flutter the developers need to write the code once, and then the same code works for both iOS and Android. Very simple- this could save the time, cost, and finally the effort required to make a mobile app function.


Dart is an object-oriented programming language. Every app made from Flutter uses this programming language. Garbage collection, rich library, strong typing, etc makes the programming language perfect to use. If you want to know more about Dart, then here you go.

Customizable Widgets

Flutter provides the developers with extreme freedom to design any kind of widget. Moreover, the UI implementation is far easier. Apart from all, the layout is an added benefit, that helps in the state and position of widgets. 

Hot Reload and Development

This one is the best feature in Flutter, in a better way we can say that it is a unique feature of Flutter. Every time a developer makes a code change, at the same instant it is visible. Actually, equally visible to both developers and designers. And this means that they can continue their work under any circumstance without any interruptions. The changes developers need to make, is not anymore a concern for them. The Hot Reload feature will surely increase their potentiality and above all the overall time required to make the app. 

A variety of IDEs

Here is the next reason for the remarkable fascination of developers towards Flutter. Flutter supports few notable IDEs such as android studio, VS Code, etc. and this makes the apps be compiled directly to the native code. 

Powerful design experience

Let it be you developing an app that comes under the sectors like ecommerce, social, education, health, etc. Flutter provides amazing UI supports. When we say different themes for different apps, it means it. It is not just the color that keeps changing, the style, size, and every associated aspect will change for each design.

Easier animations

Even if the app is very simple, it's pretty easy to add the animation features into it. Flutter makes it simple.

Innumerable packages and Tech Community

Flutter provides a wide collection of open source packages, and these packages make the process of app development a quicker one. Besides, they have a growing technical community. The technical community is powerful and they work continuously to make the app development an easier task with Flutter. Furthermore, any newcomers can easily learn Flutter with the videos they provide and effortlessly make an app.

Create Apps for Mobile, Desktop, and Web

What about hiring developers to develop an app for the following platforms like Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Linux, and Web. in total you may have to hire 6 developers, which means simultaneously you can develop apps for 6 different platforms. But on the other hand, the amount you will have to spend will be too high. Flutter developers can save you from this huge expense, as a single Flutter developer can develop an app that functions seamlessly on all these 6 platforms and that too with native elements built in it.


So with Flutter in concise words we can say that you just need to write a single code, the rest is taken care of, designing and modifying the designs are easily manageable with the design features and Hot Reload features, etc. when these two features act like pillars of Flutter we have an added advantage with it. The time required for testing is very less. A single code functioning on different platforms needs to be tested only once. Which means we save a lot of time. 

Now if you think like developing an app for your business, then with no doubt you may choose Flutter. Our flutter app development company in kerala , will assure your decision to be right.