Top Web Apps Designed Using Flutter


Flutter is Google's mobile app framework, which is built on the Dart programming language. It is intended to make designing apps for multiple platforms easier than ever before. Flutter's hot reloading technique enables developers to make changes to code when their application is running.

What is Flutter Web?

Google introduced Flutter Web, a new web framework, at Google I/O 2019, although it was not delivered to the stable channel until March 2021. Flutter Web is built on Flutter's core technology, including Dart, and supports many of the Flutter Framework's features.
Flutter Web is compatible with both Chrome OS and Chromium browsers. Flutter has generally been associated with mobile apps, although it has made considerable strides into web development.

Why build Web Apps with Flutter?

Flutter Web is intended to help web developers create beautiful, performant, and engaging user interfaces for desktop, mobile, and the web. Flutter Web allows you to create single-page apps (SPAs) that look beautiful on all devices, including desktops and mobiles. You can simply add rich content to your website using Flutters HTML widgets, including images, videos, maps, charts, and forms.

Flutter online enables you to create complex online applications that run on both desktop and mobile platforms. Flitter Web allows you to create Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), which combine the greatest features of both standard websites and mobile apps. Flutter Web optimizes your code for speed as well as memory efficiency. You may utilize Fluttering Web to create high-performance web applications that load rapidly and do not crash. Furthermore, Flutter Web incorporates security capabilities to secure user data and prevent malicious assaults. You may use Flutter's WebView widget to show secure web pages within your app. 

Furthermore, at this year's Google I/O, various changes to Flutter Web were unveiled, including automatic detection of the ImageDecoder API in browser and an updated lifecycle API that allows you to control your Flutter app's bootstrap process from the hosting HTML page.

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Having said that, let's have a look at some top web apps made with Flutter:

Top 10 Flutter-Based Applications

Google Ads

This centerpiece of Google's advertising ecosystem enables businesses to display ads to a worldwide audience via the Google search engine and other Google properties using a pay-per-click basis.
Google advertisements dramatically reduces the entry barrier into digital marketing because businesses only pay when people click on their advertisements. Companies may set campaigns to reach desired audiences using multiple targeting choices, and the straightforward UI allows them to be checked and optimized in real time to improve outcomes.
Flutter proved to be a platform capable of wrapping all of these complicated data-driven features beneath an intuitive user interface while also making the app easy to maintain and upgrade. 

Google Pay

Google Pay is one of the world's most popular digital wallets, and it has considerably increased global acceptance of digital payments. However, creating an app was incredibly difficult due to the unique requirements of each location. Separating units for iOS and Android appeared to be a waste of resources, thus the Google team once again chose Flutter.
Flutter allowed the Google team to reduce the time required to develop the app for iOS and Android while also reducing their codebase by 335 percent. According to Google, using one code base allowed them to save 60-70% of development time.


Supernova is a Dart and Flutter-based web application for design systems. It is an early adopter of Flutter web, having established the platform in 2019.
Supernova controls the entire design system lifecycle in one place, eliminating the need for your team to transfer between tools or maintain proprietary procedures and connectors. Automate everything to match the way you already work. Supernova shows project information such as name, description, owner's username, creation date, last update date, number of followers, number of following, feedback, likes, dislikes, quantity of followers, and the amount of following. 


Rive is a Flutter web application that allows users to make animated films using their photographs and words. Rive allows you to create short animations, explain complex concepts, and communicate business tales.
Developers may develop and distribute gorgeous, interactive animations across any platform. Their open-source runtimes allow authors to animate once and then release on any platform they choose.


The iRobot Coding software is a free web software that teaches users how to program their robots via a visual programming language. Users can program the bot's movement by dragging and dropping blocks.
After programming, the user can test their code by executing it on the robot. The app was first created in Swift and was therefore exclusively available for iOS devices. After transferring the codebase to Flutter, they deployed the app to Android and Web platforms.

Cupertino Icons Gallery

Cupertino Icons Gallery is an open-source project created by Brian Cephas that includes 1335+ Cupertino icons and their source code, which you can use in your Flutter apps.
You can use the 'rail' and search options to sort through all of the icons alphabetically and clone, fork, or star any of them.


CrakX is a presentation tool that allows you to build stunning presentations without requiring any coding experience. It allows you to make presentations, infographics, charts, graphs, and much more.
You can even search through the most recent campus resources to help you prepare. CrakX is a Flutter web application that is also available on iOS and Android smartphones.

Assistant for Scrap Mechanic

Scrap Mechanic is a game wherein you have to construct machines out of scrap metal. You start with a tiny budget and need to purchase parts to build larger and better machines.
You may build a variety of machines, such as cars, planes, robots, tanks, and rockets. After you've created your machine, you may test it by driving it about and seeing how it performs. If it works properly, you can resell it to other gamers.


Calcut is a Flutter web application which calculates limits in an intuitive and quick manner, and it has been trusted by countless students.The app allows Ugandan students preparing to attend university to calculate their academic weight, or cut-off scores.
This is accomplished through a number of processes in which the user selects grade points ranging from O'level to A'level, and its Intelligent Algorithm instantly returns the user's cut-off points in a short period of time.


Wishr is a Flutter web app that allows users to easily share wishes. You may make wish lists and easily share them with anyone. Some of the app's features are:

* Make a wish list, with or without registration.
* Add wishes to the list.
* Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and other celebrations

As an influencer or streamer, you can communicate your wants and promote things to your audience. Furthermore, you can use your own Affiliate Links. Wishr is cross-platform and accessible on both the Play Store and the Apple Store. 

Wrap Up

In a nutshell, developing applications with Flutter can benefit your business, as shown not just by us but also by some of the market's biggest businesses. Flutter, in our opinion, is an especially viable option in the following scenarios.

* When you want to construct an MVP for a startup.
* Your mobile app must be launched into the market quickly.
* We require an Android and iOS app with a top-notch UI that provides a seamless UX and consistent, faster outcomes. 

Flutter allows you to add additional features with less coding and a new, expressive language. Flutter is already gaining traction and attracting community engagement. As a result, a large number of young engineers employ this technology, making it easier to find the ideal team.
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