Visual Studio Opens New Doors for Faster Android App Development


The Android application development has always been a versatile domain. As Android application is open source the development and publishing the application has become much easier. There are several IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that are used to develop the Android applications. These different IDEs provides different features to develop the applications.

Out of all the prominent IDE in the industry such as Eclipse, Gradle, Android Studio, and Visual Studio, the Visual Studio has the best development time and feature that makes it an elegant choice for developers. The Visual Studio started providing Android development solution when Microsoft purchased Xamarin in 2016.


Xamarin is a tool for cross-platform app development that can help the developer build Android applications with Native UI.It’s a software that can be used to develop applications for Android and even for the iOS with native UI, native API access, and native performance.With the help of C#, you can accomplish what Objective – C or Java can achieve. The Xamarin framework provides support for new OS releases and even provide compatible applications.


The Xamarin was bought by Microsoft in 2016 which empowered them to integrate Xamarin into the Visual Studio. The visual studio was then able to develop Android applications with the help of C# because of Xamarin.

When the Android codes are being compiled, the IDE starts the Xamarin runtime in accordance. It is also recognized as a time-saving strategy that can help the developers in compiling the program.

The previous version of Visual Studio, the 15.6 took 145 seconds to start the debug model which has improved in the latest version. In the latest Visual Studio 15.7, the debug model only takes 30 seconds to start which enhances the performance of the application.

The latest version of Visual Studio also includes the latest Android Oreo software development Kit (SDK) which gives the IDE a new interface for Android app development. The necessary software required for the Android app development can be automatically downloaded in the background.


Along with the Android application, the developers can also create iOS applications because of the Xamarin software framework.The application can be compiled and developed much faster because of C# used as the official development language for Android.The application will also use less memory space because of the less Xamarin code compared to Java codes.Unlike other cross-platform IDE, Visual Studio has considerably reduced the development time of every project.

There are many mobile app development companies around the world that have started using Visual Studio as their official Android App Development IDE along with hybrid app development. There are even many game developers who have started using Visual Studio because of its compatibility with Unity game development.

Even though there is a new Android studio version in the commercial market, the developers fluent in C# love to use Visual Studio for app development needs