Software Development Team Structure and Responsibilities


You now have a great product idea and are motivated to make it a reality. Or perhaps you've finally had an idea for a software program that would revolutionize your business procedures. Or perhaps you want to completely redesign your company's digital strategy. Realizing such plans, however wonderful they may sound, could give you the chills if you're not familiar with the software company in Kochi. Consider hiring a specialized development team to make your ideas a reality. But how do you put together the right team for you? What is the ideal structure for a software development team? We sympathize with your perplexity and are prepared to assist you. The key questions of assembling a product development team that would make your project successful are all addressed below.



So, you’re on a task and ought to find the software development group and find it fast. Entrepreneurs are conscious of how practical time is, and how every day without a website or an app obtains significant monetary losses. But here’s the item, choosing the proper team for your project’s execution is a step you need to handle your time with.


All of the software development crews are unique and explained as there are so multiple different schemes out there! The structure example we’ll talk about in this writing isn’t “the one and only”. It’s merely the most typical way to manage the workflow and representative obligation. With that being said, let’s plunge straight into it!

1. PM

The project manager presumably has the most elongated list of duties among all the different teammates. This is someone who is just like a conductor: (s)he directs the entire team and turns individual tones into a gorgeous symphony. A skilled PM plans, schedules, controls, agendas, analyzes, representatives, manages, reports, and speaks to make sure the assignment is done and it is done directly. PM’s main commitment is to do whatever it takes to have a solution the customer required. And because the PM doesn’t actually build the development, it’s not the most straightforward task to tear off.

2. Business Analyst

Every entrepreneur is ready to support in high-quality IT solutions to get more returns in the future. To do that, you need to confirm the final product satisfies the market needs and the customers’ requirements. A Business Analyst can assist you with that! This individual protects your business needs and double-checks that the answer, which is completely executed from the technological standpoint, is also practical from the business outlook.

3. Developers

These are the “tech gurus”, the winners of code that turn nonsense on the computer screen into a fully-functional resolution. And even though they all code, various types of developers make additional kinds of trance happen.

Among all of the developers, front-end experts likely get the most recognized as the effects of their labor are consistently observable. They change beautiful designs into code and strive for a smooth and pleasant user experience.

Back-end designers like the wide range of various developers do code.But their skillset is not restricted to coding alone. They produce the project’s core. They are the ones accountable for the logic, the architecture, third-party solutions integration, and many more such activities.

Mobile developers divert business concepts into functioning apps. These people have made all of the most famous apps out there like Instagram, TikTok, Uber, WhatsApp, etc. Mobile app developers usually specialize either in Android or iOS app development. However, some experts choose hybrid apps as their profession or can work with any kind of mobile development.

4. Team lead

The Team Lead actually holds a lot in common with the Project Manager related to their tasks. (S)he works for the dev team, but where the PM is usually given per project, the Team Lead supervises to be a permanent role. Team Leads “watch” the developers expressing directly with the PMs and/or Business Analysts. It allows the managers to get regular status updates, and the developers are not diverted. 

5. Designer

Design is so considerably more than just excellent graphics and color coordination. Designers fear not only about that but also about the user experience because the customer’s happiness decodes into higher transformation rates. It is almost like designers have to be psychologists in a manner. It’s their commitment to research and predicts the users’ behavior to improve engagement and improve the customers’ expedition.

6. QA Specialist

Even after the most well-thought-out and thorough development process, there will be some neglect. QA Experts spend hours scrutinizing for possible bugs and then registering them to the development team so that you could enjoy a smoothly operating app or website in the end. QA Specialists consistently use several test environments, devices, and tools to achieve the most extensive research and secure the best end outcome for the entire team. QA is so critical that it can effortlessly place in danger the work of many individuals (if done incorrectly) or give the business a credibility increase (if accomplished professionally).


All the units in a diverse IT world are so distinct yet so identical. They all shape excellent ideas into a contemporary digital form but do it employing different methodologies and mechanisms. It’s ok to feel mislaid and devastated at first. It’s ok not to hurry and take your time for a well-thought-out conclusion. And if you ever require assistance with your project, you can consistently contact the iROID Technologies the best software company in kochi team. We’ll be happy to assist you with any assignment: from a professional talk or a project analysis to full implementation and post-production upkeep.