React Native vs Xamarin: Which One to Choose for Mobile App Development?


Cross-platform app development is trending and the trend seems to continue for more days. Why? Because receiving 2 apps in a time frame for one app is bliss for any entrepreneur. 


When you plan to develop an app, obviously you will have choices to make between which platform to choose. Sometimes you may want an app on both platforms. So it is quite straightforward to understand that hiring cross-platform app developers is better than hiring two sets of native app developers.


React Native and Xamarin are two big names to choose from for the same purpose. Which one will you choose? How will you decide to choose one? What will be the parameters you will analyze?


Have some confusion already? Don’t worry. Just continue reading the article.


Cross-platform app development


In a nutshell, cross-platform app development is a process where the developed app can be used in different OS like Android, iOS, etc. while the technology stack used will be very same making the whole process save time, cost, and resource requirements will be minimum. 


Xamarin and React Native are two tools used for cross-platform app development. There are many, but for the time being, we will stick to these two. To choose one between them, you will need to know more about each of these options.


We will begin with Xamarin




In simple words, Xamarin is a cross-platform app development framework developed in 2011. You can use Xamarin to develop robust and high-performing applications. It's open-source and has a great community to support. 


Xamarin is a platform where 95% of the code is sharable on different app platforms. So the developer can achieve native looks and performances on an app without writing specific code for each version of the app.


When should you prefer Xamarin for app development?


If you want to develop an app on more than one platform, use Xamarin. But we have more compelling reasons to specifically choose Xamarin when we have other options too. Let's list them down one by one.


1. Native User Experience


If Native user experience is of a high priority then Xamarin can never be overlooked. While choosing Xamarin for app development, you are free to make use of a range of native elements and technologies for highly optimized results.


2. Single Technology Stack


How good it will be when you can develop apps for different platforms without changing the environment and learning a new language. That's what Xamarin makes possible with just C#. The Write Once, Use Everywhere concept can save the time and effort a developer has to put in.


3. Minimal Time to Market


Getting the product to market at the earliest is critical nowadays as the competition is high. Xamarin makes this possible with Xamarin’s code-sharing capabilities and Test Cloud service. As the testing procedure to find code instabilities is simpler than ever before, the time to market for the commercial app you will develop is maintained to be minimum.


Hope we have made a minimal understanding of Xamarin. So now, let's move on to React Native.


React Native


Coming straight to the point, React Natively abbreviated as RN is an open-source, cross-platform app development framework developed by Facebook. It uses JavaScript and React and combines the Native features of React with best in class from JavaScript to deliver stunning results.


React Native gives the developer the freedom to develop an app with a native look and feel. The amazing community here has an upper hand because the language JavaScript is a bit popular. 


When to Use React Native for App Development?


It is obvious that RN has benefits, but here I am listing down a few additional perks for you.


1. Custom Design


If your brand has a design and you wish to keep the design for your both Android and iOS app, then React Native is your go-to platform. RN can blend Native elements with your custom design.


2. Shareability between Mobile and Web Apps


As the platform uses React, you have got an opportunity to share your code between the web and app facets of the same brand. Developers can save their time by reusing portions of the code and business logic for both web and mobile apps.


3. Code Reuse and Cost Saving


Since Android and iOS use the same code, the time and effort a developer has to put into practice to generate the result are much less. When 90% of the code is reused, developers get the liberty to use their time for better and more productive purposes.


Develop A Powerful Cross-Platform Mobile App with iROID Technologies


Putting together we know that both RN and Xamarin have similar uses and perks on different things. If you want to develop an app for your business and want them on both iOS and Android platforms at the earliest possible, you are expected to choose a cross-platform app development framework. We have many options Xamarin and RN are just two of them.


Choosing the appropriate digital platform for your requirements is critical. If you have queries and are still uncertain to make a move we suggest you give us a call. iROID Technologies is a top app development company where you can hire React Native developers in India or Xamarin developers to work on your app.


We have a plethora of experience in developing web and mobile apps. Our industry experience makes us the right choice for you to consult. Over a cup of coffee, we can discuss your requirements and make suggestions on what framework we should develop your app.