4 Easy ways to Earn Money with your Android and iOS App


Have you finished working on your app? Once you have accomplished that awesome mobile app for your business, you can think about the next step. That is how to use to monetize your mobile app. Yes, of course, your customers can interact with you in a better way once you have an app developed for the business. Similarly, you can use the app as a tool to market your brand. 

But what we discuss today is something more than that. You can use your app even better for your business. Maybe like a source of income. Yes, what we talk about is the monetization of the app. By the time you will finish reading this post you will know 4 easy ways to monetize your mobile app.



Advertisements in your app are a phenomenal way to make money through your apps. People use their mobile phones a crazy amount of time and thus the best way for advertisers to get to their consumers is through digital advertising methods like an ad in the app.

Let us see the different type of ads that we use within the apps:


These are the ads that are displayed in full screen at natural pause points or during the transition from one place to the other. And so they don’t usually interrupt the users while they use your app.


These ads appear as pop up in the mobile device’s status bar and make the users aware of the ad’s presence. However, these aren’t the most well-loved ads and even could damage your app’s reputation.


You will find these kinds of ads in the games. Here the users are interacting by entering their email addresses for certain incentives.


These ads are the mixture of capture form and full-screen ads. They are more interactive instead of being simple clickable images. 


These are usually found at the top or bottom of the screen in the form of a banner. It can be somewhat ineffective as it could irritate your users.

While adding an advertisement into your app to make money off it, what you need to ponder is engagement. Adding an ad should create a better experience plus improve user engagement. It should never frustrate your users. The advertisers can pay you an amount depending upon your brand, for hosting their ads. Choose the ads wisely. Make money with ads in your mobile app without losing the brand reputation.


If you have your code and if it is strong enough and proves to be successful. Then there are chances of other brands approaching you to offer a reskin for your apps. The purpose can be beneficial for you and the other team also. The popular game Temple Run is an example of this case. Temple Run was reskinned as Temple Run Oz based on a film tie-in. With the reskinning process, you can make money without making any disruptions for your user experience.


It is a good strategy to make your apps available for free download and then provides the in-app purchases to give a premium experience to the users. Hence the users can avail of the basic benefits while downloading the app. And the additional benefits are availed through the in-app purchases. 

When a user performs an in-app purchase they are directly interacting with your product. These kinds of apps are referred to as freemium apps. Usually, it is the mobile games that make use of this strategy. However, it applies to any kind of business too.


Here is another method to monetize your app. Make two versions available for the same app. One a basic version, something like a trailer where the users can understand the quality of your app. And let the second version be a premium one with all possible features and highlights included in it. However, it is important to keep the free version with minimum quality. Only then the users will have a positive review on your app and they will either get the premium version or refer it to others who may want it.


It is well known how awesome a mobile app can be for your business. It can allow you to expand your brand to better heights and make connections with the customers you might never reach without an app. Yet, you have also seen that now a mobile app is more than a business marketing tool as you can make money with it. 

So take advantage of these strategies to monetize your mobile app, and for more ways click here. Begin your activities by developing an amazing app with all your requirements satisfied by the best team of experts in mobile app development services at iROID Technologies.