Latest Trends in Digital Marketing

Know about the latest trends in digital marketing to look for in 2019. More than 50% of marketers are following digital marketing strategies in the previous year. The prodigious growth of digital channels and still growing beyond other marketing approaches. On average the online spend is 25% of the total spend in the business. iROID Technologies the best website development company in Kerala also specialize in Digital Marketing. Here are some of the latest trends in digital marketing you have to look into for better marketing.


Artificial Intelligence is pushing up the way we use digital marketing in today’s world. Usage of automated bots may help in engaging with customers on time. It also reduces manual support being life all the time. Google Search results show a major impact on providing AI to its users. Even Facebook by providing automated quick responses to its users regarding the queries. Forget all the Hollywood science fiction movies. In a few years, AI will become the ultimate deciding factor in marketing. AI has already replaced human service in many categories. In 2019, AI is playing a critical role in garnering more sales and improving customer service. Several industries like food, clothing, eCommerce, and healthcare have started using AI for their benefit.


Creating effective content for the blog, website, social media posts, reviews, chatbots, video, infographics and more get the attention to your targeted audience. Content is the King of marketing always step ahead for your online business growth. 25% of the marketers spend 4-6 hours for creating a single piece of content but it’s worthy for business. Keep updating your content on new strategies and new features helps you to rank better. The better long unique content always will be an important ranking factor in 2019.

Good content always matters. It doesn’t matter if you promote your content on social media or using cutting edge technologies to boost your reach, good content can always bring a lot of attention. People often think content writing is something of a lost cause and forget about the power of word of mouth. Content marketing continues to be the most essential component of digital marketing. Even after the massive surge in technology, a lot of people still lean towards the good old fashioned way of writing. Today, most of the digital marketing agencies try to combine the best from both worlds. They blend good content and new technologies to form a superior strategy and a next-generation SEO.


With Video Marketing platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn has high engagement with customers on displaying the customer’s business. According to Cisco, 82% of internet traffic will be occupied through video. It is also cost-effective for business and gains more reach on the audience about the live events.


Why do they use voice search? Because It’s Cooler, Faster, Secure, Efficient, Multitasking and much more. Google mobile study gives an insight of about 55% Teens uses voice search more than once in a day. Targeting long-tail keywords on Search engines can be made easier with the voice search results. As it is a much easier, faster and safer way of interacting, voice search is undoubtedly getting more popular these days. Voice search engines like Google assistant, Alexa and Siri are the main contributing factors for that. According to the latest studies, voice search engines have transformed into the most preferred way of interacting and that opened doors for new digital marketing strategies.


Notify customers with the latest promotions and offers targeting the right audience for your business. With growing popularity on stories started with Snapchat followed by Instagram and Facebook too. These stories can keep you engaged and promote awareness about your products and services. Rolling out with proper hashtags also improves the marketing effort.


One of the biggest changes in marketing strategy is the evolution of the universal multichannel program called Omnichannel marketing strategy. That brings us to the explosive uprising of electronic media and social media usage. This new age movement has revolutionized the typical framework people used to follow. Facebook, Email, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube turned into the most sophisticated tools for marketing. Creators are using live broadcasts, podcasts, Smartphone apps, chatbots, and virtual assistants to boost their content. Omnichannel marketing provides a better experience for your prospects as it offers constant communication with customers. Marketers are focusing on omnichannel marketing to increase brand awareness on multiple channels to keep engaged with the customers. Collaborate with the users to communicate your brand across online and offline channels. Conversion rates and returning customers are increased when compared to multichannel marketing.


About 60% of the search traffic from Google originates in mobile devices. Page speed has been an important factor for ranking in search engine results. Google prioritizing AMP WebPages can provide better performance in mobile. AMP pages loading less than 0.5 seconds can improve the bounce rate on the pages.



Aristotle once said, “Man is by nature a social animal”. And that’s the main reason behind the massive success of chatbots. They are playing an impressive role in improving customer experience. Even in 2019, a staggering number of people use chatbots in their day to day life. At this point, it’s likely to continue making surges in the digital marketing world.


The most profound change that happened in digital marketing is the rise of Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality. It has turned into the biggest tool for product marketing in 2019. Virtual reality presents the consumers with a completely new world providing them a different outlook on the product and the brand.

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