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E-commerce Website Development in Kerala


So, you have been operating a business for some years and now you desire to take the support of the possibilities in the digital world? Or, you are just searching the feasibility of opening a new e-commerce store and want to understand what are your benefits? Fortunately, you are in the correct place. 

If this chapter sounds very tedious and too long-drawn for you but you however want some quick supervision on e-commerce website development, give us a call and we will escort you on how to get begun with your e-commerce business in Kerala or wherever in the world. We have helped various companies to be prosperous in the e-commerce business and our custom developed application may be a suitable choice for you to immediately rise with your online business.

iROID Technologies- Leading E-commerce Web Development Company in Kerala

Once you determine to start your online store, the succeeding big question is, which company will you hire to develop the online store for you. A quick Google search will bestow you hundreds of small and large companies endeavoring online store development services. You may try to get quotes from multiple companies and that will get you more chaotic. The cost requested by each company will alter significantly and you will not know which one to pick and what characteristics are important for you. Some of the organizations will show you hundreds of features in their application while others may simply show you a single feature – ‘online shop’.

Essential Features for E-commerce Web Applications

Before you choose the outcome merely based on the cost and the number of characteristics available, take a step backward and think – do you really require a lot of peculiarities? Too many features also indicate too many complexities for you and your customers.

Here are some fundamental features you want to look for when you prefer an e-commerce application:

  1. Product listing by category: This is the core specialty of any online store. There should be an alternative to list the goods by sections.
  2. Should be able to create new categories. I have observed some web stores that come with predefined categories, especially small applications created for small companies. Make sure you will be able to generate unlimited categories in your online store.
  3. Sort Products: Your customers should be capable of browsing the products and should be handy to sort by price, name, etc.
  4. Filter Products: Take a look at Amazon or Flipkart, you will know what filtering is. When you search for specific products, you will see hundreds or even thousands of products registered. Browsing through such a tremendous list and getting your choice is really hard unless there is a “Filter” option. Make sure the application you shortlist has a “Filter” opportunity where you can filter products in each category based on various parameters like rate scale, characteristics, availability, etc.
  5. Navigate by Brand: A customer has determined to buy a particular type of product. What if he has some decisions for the brand. For example, if a person needs to buy a grinder and he requires to see only the products from a singular brand? An ideal e-commerce application should have the advantages to browse products by brand.
  6. Multiple Payment Options: A customer made up the brain to buy from you and even reached all the steps continuing to the shopping cart and checking out. But he is impaled at the payment step since his chosen mode of payment is not possible. Before you finalize your e-commerce website, review the payment options. Does it back all major credit cards, debit cards, UPI, and whatever your customers can prefer? The more the more satisfying. Also, analyze the Cash-On-Delivery option as well. In India, still, a lot of people do not have online payment dexterities and they would be delighted to pay when you give the product to them.

Cost-Effective E-Commerce Application Development Company in Kerala

Rated the best ecommerce website development kerala, we implement full-stack development resolutions to all elongated whole across the earth. If you want your e-commerce store to attract more traffic and sell more leads, it must be distinct from its character. Be it a single vendor or a multi-vendor store below one brand name, our e-Commerce website developers in India can satisfy all your stipulations. Also being a top e-commerce website development company in Kerala, our e-Commerce development expertise is not circumscribed to a singular platform. We can support you to create an online store on any platform including major technologies like Core PHP, CodeIgniter Laravel, Magento, Shopify, Drupal, WooCommerce, etc.

The cost to develop an e-commerce website in Kerala?

Well, the cost depends on a lot of circumstances including the characteristics and features of the product proposed. Freelancers can develop low-cost e-commerce applications and perform at a very low cost. But you cannot expect expert support and long-term maintenance. Even if it fetches a bit extra, it is constantly advisable to go for an expert e-commerce application development company. Your outcome is not a one time purchase. Your complete online business is going to depend on the e-commerce application you are purchasing and long-term support and product assurance are very great.

Learned companies like iROID Technologies are not the most affordable solutions. But what we guarantee is the value for your capital. You may pay us a bit more extra than what you will have to spend on the freelancers but we will address what we promise. By offering our customizable explanation to a large number of consumers across the world, we can present our solutions at a very generous price, even though it is not the most affordable e-commerce website you can buy in Kerala.

How to start an e-commerce store in Kerala?

Once you make up your mind to begin an online store in Kerala, there is a lot of effort to be made. Now, let us assume that you already have a physical store and you now know what products you are going to sell. Below are some of the steps that want to be done to get aroused with online selling in Kerala:

  1. Buy a proper do domain name for your e-commerce store. Make sure the domain matches your brand and the persistence of your store.
  2. Develop an e-commerce application. For this, you can hire a few programmers and develop in-house according to your precise necessities. If you do not have programming knowledge, this may not be a great idea since your developers will require architectural support from an accomplished person to develop a solid application. An alternative possibility is to outsource application development to a company like iROID Technologies. Outsourcing e-commerce application development can cost you anywhere from Rs 2 Lakhs to Rs 10 Lakhs. 
  3. Do the next steps like hosting your website and pointing your domain to your website.
  4. Add the products and set the price accordingly to your online store.
  5. Signup with a payment gateway service. Then link it with your bank account so that you can collect the payments straight to your bank.


With ecommerce website development, you may expand your business beyond all geographical boundaries. Communicate fluently, present your items gracefully, and achieve exceptional profit margins. Our ecommerce development company in Kerala has assembled a team of competent and creative individuals. To create a visually beautiful eCommerce platform by designing, developing, and crafting it. It will provide a simple and enjoyable browsing experience while also optimizing conversions.

iROID Technologies has earned the hearts of its clients by investigating new technologies and providing excellent assistance. When creating and building eCommerce systems, we employ out-of-the-box ideas and cutting-edge solutions. Choose our e-commerce development firm in Kochi to create an ecommerce website for your company.