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Best Web Development Podcasts


A Web Developer's desire to learn never ends, so what better way to read about upcoming technology than to listen to a podcast? Keeping up with technological developments is an essential part of being a web developer. Listening to podcasts is an excellent way to stay informed and open your eyes. Even if you don't have a lot of time or potential to contribute, web design podcasts are fun, instructive, and simple to implement. There isn't enough time in the day to attend to all of them unless you're independently wealthy or a light sleeper. Here are some of the most popular web developer podcasts listed by the top web development company in Kerala.

1. Syntax 

The syntax is a podcast where full-Stack Developers Wes Bos and Scott Tolinski involve themselves in web development issues, describe how they work, and consider their own struggles. They include JavaScript frameworks such as React to the current trends in CSS to the simplification of web technologies. 

2. ShopTalk Show 

Shoptalk is hosted by Dave Rupert, a developer at an Austin Texas web design company, and Chris Coyier, one of Code Pen’s co-founders who converge on front-end web design and expansion. They travel through customer experience, layout, and CSS. Every week a special visitor joins Chris Coyier and Dave Rupert to speak on shop and answer interrogations suggested by listeners. Episodes are regularly around one hour. 

3. Developer Tea 

Developer Tea is crafted just to be great enough for your periodic break of tea. Developer Tea hosts address topics of higher-level describing to programming and data rather than the code itself – think about richness, responsiveness, and cognitive preference. Host Jonathan Cutrell packs exciting prospects, thought-provoking presentations, and professional tools on a variety of topics from coding and career development to attitudes, mindset, and problem-solving Episodes are delivered some occasions a week, and normally extend from 5-15 minutes. 

4. Full Stack Radio 

Adam Wathan covers Full Stack Radio which has built marvelous content on Vue, Laravel, and Web Design. Adam begins as a guest into each episode to present a variety of various topics covering anything from conception to testing. They usually address queries related to the real environment and the methods to resolve them. Episodes are delivered every few weeks and normally are about an hour. 

5. Code Newbie 

If you’re a new developer and you’re studying for a bit more fundamental conversation, then Code Newbie is concerning you. CodeNewbie highlights people’s stories on their coding adventure, with a new episode, announced every Monday. It’s a goldmine of information for those beginning web development. 

6. The Changelog 

The Changelog is a list of discussions with software development innovators and managers. This is a weekly podcast that discusses all open source stuff. This conversational show highlights in-depth interviews with movers and shakers who operate at the heart of open source technologies including software engineers, hackers, managers, and innovators. They talk about technological issues, development experience, organizational hurdles, and more with companies from startup founders to experts at Fortune 500 companies. 

7. Front End Happy Hour 

This podcast will reveal to you the most difficult resources and libraries that have been happening over the current week in the web dev environment. For any web developer Frontend is on a permanent basis. Without proper frontend information, it’s hard to build a proper website and its most important benefit is that it’s more comfortable than the backend, with its extensive assortment of languages. This weekly podcast highlights a panel of specialists from companies like Netflix, Evernote, and LinkedIn, they present the most modern trends in front-end growth. 

8. 99% Invisible 

99% Invisible, entertained by Roman Mars, is a design-focused podcast that prompts you to take a fresh look at the everyday world around you and gain a new commendation for the ostensibly normal. Blending design, construction, and cultural consequences, this podcast will improve your sense of wonder and surprise by focusing on the dynamism of design in things you may nevermore have marked before. 

9. JavaScript Jabber 

JavaScript Jabber delivers weekly podcasts that often discuss the expansion of the front end and back end. This podcast, as the title suggests, is committed to keeping audiences updated on the fast-moving nature of JavaScript. Every chapter features a visitor and investigates a new subject, extending from JS frameworks to professions and JS communities. The group assumes a fundamental knowledge of JS. Typically they have a board of 3-4 people which makes this podcast highly conversational! 

10. CodePen Radio 

Web Developers everywhere practice CodePen as a way to showcase and yield demo code. All that stated, this podcast is managed by employees at Codepen. Their experience stories, life education, efforts, and achievements they have found in building up their small company. This scene is a bit more different than the other podcasts, as you can watch the CodePen doing as a whole while getting more details along the way. 


There are certainly a lot of funny podcasts, but also educational, motivational, and inspirational podcasts. If you get annoyed quickly from reading books and studies, podcasts are your most desirable choice. There’s no obligation to remain focused on continuous lines of text. You can then receive lots of new knowledge from current web developers when doing whatever you want. So if you haven’t investigated the podcasts world still, try it out. For more support on web development get in touch with the Web development company in Kochi at iROID Technologies.