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Detail Expert Guide To Build An App Like Flipkart In 2021


The story of Flipkart has motivated several first-generation businesspeople to experiment into setting up their E-Commerce enterprises. The business has expanded for Flipkart and various of its followers since its beginning. Being a certified e-commerce leader in India, the app can motivate many enthusiastic online shopping startups that wish to understand the niche. Developing an E-Commerce app like Flipkart demands technical expertise. Let’s first look at the methods convenient to build an app like Flipkart.

Development from Scratch

You can have comprehensive authority over your mobile app when you choose custom development. While you can take influence from Flipkart, you do not end up being a severe clone. Ideally, you should have a stable idea of what your ultimate product is going to resemble. That said, this model of development may not be financially viable for start-ups and small-scale business proprietors as it is remarkably capital intense.

Readymade Software

There are insufficient customization possibilities if you opt for readymade software to build an app like Flipkart. But, it can be more affordable at the origin point. The app can be extended in a shorter time, that too, on a fixed budget. The software is prepared in the form of ready-made scripts that provides for quick installation. Now that you know the two basic methods to produce your E-Commerce App like Flipkart, let’s move on to the following step, that is choosing essential features.

Choose Essential Features

Selecting your characteristics determines the extent of your project. Your purpose is not just to build an app like Flipkart. You want to make it a standout shopping app where your clients keep getting back for more extra. The most reliable way to go about it is to analyze an MVP or Minimum Viable Product for the app that includes only the most fundamental features and functionalities. You can keep growing on it even after you have originated your app online.

So, what features should you contemplate for an MVP? Let's take a look.

User Registration

Every app has to have a simple user registration process. You can use the age-old method of an email id/username and password, as it is pretty convenient. You can make the method even more comfortable by allowing users to register to utilize their Google accounts or social media handles.

Language Option

Having an E-Commerce app suggests that you can relinquish out to a pan country and global audience at an identical time. Having advantages of major regional and international languages assures that you intercept maximum eyeballs.

User Interface

Now that your consumers are browsing the app, you want to guarantee that the interface and navigation are easy to work with. Make sure that the app design is user-friendly and engaging which will boost your existing customers to connect the mobile app to others.

Product Search

Having your product search work at bolt speed is essential to the completion of your app. Add multiple opportunities to fine-tune the search functioning that should be connected with the high-quality indexing process.

Offer Smart Search Option

Take your search capacity up a cut by optimizing it. This will empower customers to quickly and precisely find the products that they are looking for. It can be a transcendent tool to improve conversions too.

Advanced Filter

Just like product search, having excellent filter functionality streamlines search outcomes for your customers. Parameters such as locations, classes, and price specifications can provide exactly what the customer is seeming for in terms of product outcomes.

One-Click to Add to Cart

Buyers today are perpetually restless. When they have got the products that they require, the idea is to keep continuing to the cart. Having one-click functionality enables them to add products to the cart with a singular click and it can increase their user experience.

Wish List

You will find customers getting back to the app and browsing through products that they want to purchase at a later date. By including a Wish List, they can add these aspirational products that they can acquire at a later date.

Product Review

To create an E-Commerce app like Flipkart, it is essential to have a segment where users can leave their remarks, discussions, and ratings on products that they have bought. This is necessary as reviews and testimonials play a crucial role in determining prospective buyers in their determination to purchase the products.

Check Out

A quick check-out characteristic is great for busy customers buying unavoidable items on the go. With a profile, delivery, and billing details previously filled in, the order can be confirmed directly without the customer having to go over an extensive process.

Multiple Payments

A key business point of an E-Commerce app is to submit multiple payment choices to its customers. This is a fundamental feature that can create or split the app. Keep in memory that you must have the preparation to combine all types of payment to net banking, NEFT, wallets, and also COD.


Having a dedicated part to apprehend multiple delivery addresses is necessary for an E-Commerce app. This guarantees that the customer does not have to support delivery features every time he or she executes a purchase.

Real-time Order Tracking Option and Purchase History

With the purchase complete, the customer must be capable of tracking the shipment in real-time. Also, the E-Commerce app must have a dedicated section where customers can review their Purchase History.

Final Thoughts

Developing an app like Flipkart is a long-drawn and complicated process. It starts with the essential blueprint and design and from then on is a perpetual process until you extend it online. Choosing which platforms you prefer to deploy your app is important. Android is usually the traditional choice as more devices in the market guide this operating software. You will have a greater possibility to reach a comprehensive customer through an Android version. However, iOS devices are also increasing in popularity even though the development process is difficult in contrast to Android.

Your dream of running a flourishing E-Commerce business like Flipkart can soon be a certainty if you have the precise idea, the team, tool, and achievement in place. With this brief guide, you will be on the valid track. That said, the name of the game is to continually innovate and develop your app to engage audience requirements and expectations. That is how you will build an app like Flipkart.