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7 Things To Verify Before Hiring App Development Companies


Understanding the increased ability towards mobile, businesses are attempting to gain their consumer's consideration through enterprise apps. As a consequence, thousands of companies start the app development route every year. It is important for progress to do your due application by investigating and questioning the right subjects before taking the fall and hiring mobile app development company in Kochi.

It is essential not to speed the process of hiring an app development company in Kochi, rather spend enough time thoroughly examining all your prospects. When seeking the right development team for your project, there are a number of measures that can guide you through the resolution process. In order to pick the appropriate company for the job, start by considering the following determinants…

#1 Portfolio

Is necessary to inquire about the last couple of projects the development company has made. This is one of the most reliable ways to decide whether or not a proposed firm is right for your app. You should view their portfolio and check for their apps on the app stores that you can download. Take a look at the reviews and ratings and be cautious of companies that do not have a proven portfolio of apps.

Also, check that they are actively engaging in the discussion and are offering relevant inputs. A good development company should be capable of not only escorting you through the means of development but also give you productive input based on their expertise with comparable apps. Try and look for companies who have acquired apps either in the same industry as you or similar to what you require.

#2 Expertise

It is crucial to guarantee the company you pick is able to produce the actual characteristics and functionality that you require for your app. They should be capable of showing you how they would perform a proposed feature and recommend any relevant frameworks that they might achieve. It is also necessary to check whether or not their software can combine with other operations and workflows.

#3 Price

Don’t make the cost drive you. When it comes to mobile app development you must get a fabulous product, not the most affordable product you could buy. Keeping in your own budget limitations, let the quality of their earlier work and their expertise determine whether or not they are appropriate for the job.

It’s essential to have a free and manageable budget for your project before accepting any pricing terms. A current survey by Clutch showed that the cost of mobile app development fluctuates between $30,000 to $700,000, with a middle cost of $171,450. If funds are an affair, it may be worthwhile looking into an app development platform strategy rather than complete custom development.

While reviewing the project functionality and characteristic list, get to ask about the payment methods and payment duration. Make sure you are informed of any additional costs that may happen during the development process.

#4 Platform

It’s necessary to understand upfront the platform you require to develop your app for. Ensure whether they can develop apps for various operating systems. If you want to develop your app for varied platforms, be clear about your choice and prefer a company that can definitely accommodate this. One way to do this is to choose a company that is fully versed in cross-platform apps. Whether you are developing for Android or iOS, you should trust a company that has a deep knowledge of the guidelines for each of those platforms.

#5 Involvement

No matter how reliable the company is, they won’t be capable of developing your app without your data. It is important to recognize your role in the project. What level of engagement do they want from you and how many redundancies will there be, is it something you should know in advance. Make sure they want a great level of information from you for the wireframes and prototypes of your app. 

#6 Communication

Another factor to take into consideration is how often do we need to communicate? Get an understanding on what are the means of communication before beginning a project. You want to hire a company that presents a project update at most once a week in order to efficiently track progress. Efficient communication between clients and developers performs an essential role in the completion of a project.

Keep track of how regularly they are responding to your messages and phone calls throughout the hiring process. Are they allowing their input? Try and decide whether they have a legitimate interest in your business and project concept. If they do not appear to be active during this step, then it might be great evidence of how they will function during development. Choose a company you can develop a relationship with – a powerful working relationship suggests ideas are accorded openly, providing the possibility to build an even more useful app.

#7 Timeline

Ask about the expected project timeline. More importantly, ask about their availability as most businesses will be running on many projects at a time. Make sure you know how many plans they are currently operating on and how long they think the plan will take. It is necessary to confirm that there is given support available to work on your project. That way, you can guarantee that the company can efficiently react to any repetitions or unexpected hurdles of your project.


We wish you all the best in your search for app development companies in Kerala. You have a lot of queries regarding recruiting or discovering talented engineers. We aim to provide you with some useful advice for selecting your preferred app developer or app development firm. These are the most crucial considerations when selecting an app developer. Keep in mind that the top developers are familiar with both the iOS and Android operating systems. These precise questions may assist you a lot during the interview to choose the best app development firm for your app development.