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Check out the 15 web development frameworks used in 2020. In this era where technology leads, we get everything at an instance. The escalating online space advances web development technologies. As a result, the standards of web applications keep rising. Simultaneously, the complexity of technology needed too. Hence, it is ideal to endorse frameworks to develop a feature-rich and interactive web application.

Web development frameworks not merely support the development of websites. It is like a library that helps you develop your website more efficiently with lesser effort. When there are many options to choose from, it is better to understand the pros and cons of each framework before you decide what to work on. Here is the list of top 15 web development frameworks used by the leading web development companies in India.



Express also known as Express.js is the web application framework for Node.js. This is an open-source that now turned out to be one of the trending frameworks of 2020. This fast and minimal framework provides major framework functionalities and strengthens the robust performances. The framework is popular among leading companies like IBM and Uber. Besides, this is compatible with other frameworks like Sails and Loopback.


Django is a fast, secure, and scalable open-source web development framework used for developing high-quality web applications. Google, YouTube, and Instagram are a few of the big names that use this framework. Django is the best choice to make in developing a secure website or in adding security features to the framework itself.


Rail is a Model-View-Controller framework developed in Ruby. It is a beginner-friendly framework and so it is much popular. Rails is an open-source and object-oriented back end development framework. They are well known for the predefined solution they provide to the developers to do repeated tasks. Airbnb and Shopify are few of the primary users of Rails.


The process of development is made an easy and funny task by Laravel. This is one of the most popular PHP web frameworks. It offers excellent performance and scalability along with unique features like integrated cloud storage. This makes it the top choice of developers.


To write back end web applications in Java, Spring can be the best choice. Developers create simple, fast, flexible, portable, and high-performance web applications using the Spring framework. Spring has a rigid architecture, which could ease the process of making J2EE apps. Websites like Wix and Ticket Master uses this framework.


Google developed Angular, a front end framework. These kinds of frameworks can develop rich single-page applications. Google, Microsoft, and PayPal use this framework. This open-source helps you to create dynamic pages making use of both JavaScript and HTML.


Vue.js is one of the newest frameworks, that is best in developing single-page applications. One of the best features of Vue is that it is a progressive framework. This means you can use Vue on a portion of your existing project and it will work just fine. Another main feature is its straightforward architecture with which you can solve issues easily.


Back in 2015, Ember was the best JavaScript framework. Since then, it is expanding with new features and releases regularly. The features include two-way data binding and several other components used out of the box. Google and Microsoft often use this framework.


 JQuery is a small and fast JavaScript library. The interface of JQuery is very simple and easy to use. JQuery is ideal to manipulate and traverse HTML documents. Apart from all, it is compatible with every platform.


Flask is a Python language-based framework developed back in 2004. Its features enabling to develop scalable and customizable web applications make it still a top choice of the framework in 2020. This framework is best in developing lightweight backend web applications.


Yii is a PHP based powerful and flexible web development framework. This is ideal for complicated websites like e-commerce, CMS, portals, etc. Yii stands for ‘yes it is’ considering as an answer to the question “is it so amazing?”. The cache mechanism it provides allows the effortless integration of the cache app component.


Symphony is a feature-rich, Model View Controller, flexible and full-stack web development framework. Besides, it allows session management, decoupled components, and error logging. It is possible to club Symphony with other renowned client-side frameworks.


It is a unique and open-source library used for mathematical computations. This is exclusively used for Artificial Intelligence apps. Although it has a wide range of uses, it is preferred more for artificial intelligence and machine learning. With the current rise in the AI and ML technologies, Tensor Flow has also seen a boom in the number of users considering this framework. 


CakePHP is a revolutionary PHP that changed the concept of developing an app from scratch. Its various features include swift code generation, which can dramatically cut down the cost of development. The reusable codes in CakePHP make the web development process more rapid. Besides, most of the essential elements are in-built in CakePHP, which saves the developers time. 


If you are looking for speedy web development then MeteorJS is the ideal choice. This is a full-stack JavaScript-based web development framework for both front end and back end needs. Besides, there is an inbuilt collection of libraries and packages that are linked together.

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