Advantages of Android Application Development for Your Business

Companies today are switching to mobile apps to increase their strategies to draw higher customer support. With an above 86.8% share, Android OS controls the mobile app development market. Leveraging the advantages of Android application development is, hence, a requirement for organizations. It is supposed to surge even notably in the coming years.

Android app development allows tremendous necessary and operational advantages. Therefore, notwithstanding their size, companies are making use of android app development to advance their business and improve their incomes. In this blog, we are trying to highlight the services of Android app development and explain how these apps can enhance your business growth.

Why Is Android Application Development Your Best Alternative?

Every contractor needs to struggle with creativity to captivate the thought of more potential customers. It is because the latest goal of any business is to make revenue. Further, the growth of the Android app development platform enables entrepreneurs a more inexpensive and scalable approach to developing apps.

Android mobile applications have changed most industries as a component of the digital revolution now. Even though iOS is a common platform, listed below are amazing reasons why android development is by far the most reliable and preeminent platform for businesses.

High ROI With Lower Costs:

One of the key benefits of Android app development is the simple availability of the Android SDK. The development companies can use the material design from certain SDKs to create interactive apps. However, the developers/development companies are expected to pay a one-time registration fee for application delivery. After that, they can leverage any computer equipment to develop and test the product for their smartphones, guaranteeing low expense and enhanced user engagement. In turn, the end-users, profit from an interactive app, and the company gains a greater return on investment.

Faster Deployment:

Android apps for business have a speedy development cycle answering a few hours. It offers an aggressive edge to companies who covet to have a fleeter go-to-market for their original idea. Shortened Time to Market (TTM) is, thus, one of the biggest advantages of Android development.

Target Multiple Platforms:

The use of Java as a programming language performs it straightforward to port the app to various operating systems like Symbian and Ubuntu. Thus, companies can target various platforms with Android app development. It is one of the common purposes why businesses prefer Android development. Discover the essentials of porting iOS apps to Android. And, how it helps businesses to take benefit of the time and resources based on the importance of diverse target groups.

Google also executed Kotlin as an official language (or a non-Java option) for Android development. Kotlin Multiplatform can be related to power applications that work on iOS, Android, and Java Desktop. Leading technology firms like Pivotal, Atlassian, and titans like Pinterest, Uber, and Evernote are also adopting Kotlin for their Android clarifications.

Versatility And Scalability:

With the addition of Android Studio, the OS has mounted upon flexibility and adjustability. It mixes with the entire Android ecosystem including smartphones, tablets, wearables, and Android TV. It makes Android Apps cooperative with arising technologies like IoT, AR, and VR. Consequently, it is also one of the important android app advantages. Further, the versatility of the Android app platform empowers development organizations to produce compelling mobile applications that serve multiple targets after being installed on the device.

Improved Security:

Android P included several additional and in-built security characteristics. It will help with the security of malware and viruses. Thus, security and safety are excellent benefits of android application development. Read on about the Android best systems for security & solitude that helps organizations to determine the right strategy throughout the application lifecycle.


Android is an open-source platform and gives the highest customization characteristics to development partners. It is why android applications are a common choice. Further, the OS permits the creation of talented Android apps that can be quickly integrated into multimedia tools and data management purposes of your actual business methods.

Thus, businesses can help by reaching a more comprehensive customer base by providing the changing business requirements.


To close, with over 75% Android device users now, developing an Android app is accepted globally. It assists them to direct a higher variety of audiences and gaining enormous popularity.

The multiple Android development resources likewise deliver business-friendly characteristics for an added increase in market penetration. As an able Android app development company in Kochi, iROID Technologies can assist you to build innovative and strong business apps that are future-ready.


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